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From New Jersey


Stay mentally & physically fit

Veterans Crisis Line | Hotline, Online Chat & Text

Stay mentally & physically fit

Watch “Fundraising for Walk to End Alzheimer’s®” on YouTube

Fundraising for Walk to End Alzheimer’s®:

Stay mentally & physically fit

Brookridge Cove Rehabilitation and Care Center


When I drove back through in a car, they had a party for me. Two of the residents I had visited with on foot had passed away when I returned. This was in 2013.


From last year at the Alzheimer’s Association, Atlanta Chapter



Senior Star, Tulsa, Oklahoma….they ran 7 miles with me

This was a fun day. They had an aid station set up on a busy corner. A lot of people saw us running for alzheimer’s. We ran from one Senior Star facility to another. When we arrived at the second one, we had an ice cream social. They presented me with two each $1000.00 checks for the Alzheimer’s Association.


senior star

I feel so guilty…..

I am looking for peace and happiness and 22 United States Veterans are dying do to suicide every day. They seem to be just lookin for a reason to live.

We have to be trying to help, right?

Please somebody help….

We have 22 veterans dying due to suicide every single day.

Something’s wrong and it’s not with them.

It’s us.

We are doing something wrong.


lease, someone tell me what I can do.

Stay mentally & physically fit

This is what I used to do…..


I do not want to die. I will not give up my life without using the fight, that God gave me.

Stay mentally & physically fit

This is why I am still here !!

I have faith in God. I have done the best at figuring out what he wants me to do and I will give it every ounce of energy I can find in my body. I will try to not complain. This is what I am supposed to be doing. Because of that, I will never quit, I will pause if I have to and rest, but I feel God wants me to do this, so I will not ever stop.

From Tybee Island, Georgia to Monterey, California to raise awareness and money for the Alzheimers Association, so they can provide services and fund research.

I will be by myself, with no support team. I will go every foot on foot. 3,660 miles. I will handle situations as they arise. I will not be concerned about where I spend the night. I will spend the night somewhere. “This is what I am supposed to be doing”

Fighting alzheimers disease !!