10/16/2014 morning

In Ellijay, Georgia. Catching a ride about 18 miles west of here and will run, jog and walk back to the car. It is a little bit of a dangerous run because of the many curves and how fast some people like to drive up there. It’s a place you have to manage every minute to make sure everyone stays safe.

10/15/2014 Evening

Today was another good day. My focus is Strong ! I’m very Persistent ! Not much time left before I head to Tybee Island. Mixed emotions ? You bet. Am I going ? Yep, I am. Gonna be hard ? Probably.

3,660 miles, every foot, on foot.

Stress !!

When I went to the doctor for a follow-up visit, after the bleeding ulcer, the doctor talked real straight with me. He was a gastrointestinal doctor, with a minor in psychology. He told me, in his estimation, I may have a year to live. He said something I thought was very unusual. “Stress is caused by trying to avoid stress” That made no sense to me, at all. He said life is stressful every day sometimes for everyone. He said nobody is exempt. He said most people try to avoid stressful situations. They never learn how to manage through things. They never get the confidence that comes from managing through our problems. He told me one of the most calming things that can happen to us is to learn we can take it, and make it through, without panicking and without just avoiding the problem. He told me to  plan things. He said do what you planned, when you planned it. He said it’s practice. An example he used was to plan a 5 mile hike and then do, it even if it was bad weather. He said the rewards would be many. He told to me do things that I feared. I started hiking at night, alone. I did some public speaking, to large crowds. I went across America by myself, on foot. I’m doing the best I know how, and I have accomplished a lot. I care. I will not stop. I never have. I can stand in front of a lot of adversity, stare at it and then manage through it. I have lived for 13 years and not 1 year.

Heading to the Len Foote Hike Inn

Very encouraging folks. This is a mom and her daughter. 

We talked about my last trip and the one coming up in a few days.


10/15/2014 morning

I am in Ellijay, Georgia.  I will be jogging and walking with my dear friend this morning. I will then head to Amicalola Falls State Park. I will put in some miles today with Charity Miles, for the Alzheimer’s Association. The weather forecast looks pretty good for the day. This will be a good one.


Doing some packing today at Ryan’s house. Stuff that I will not be using for awhile. Making note of a couple things that I need to purchase.

Doing a lot of research today.

I will continue to handle things as they present themselves to me.

Prioritizing is first. Focus after that. Persistence is next. Reflecting on these three things, on occasion,  will help me make sure I am staying persistent and focusing on the right priority.

I can endure all things through Christ whom gives me strength !!

I know what will happen…..

One day, money will come to the scientists. They will use the knowledge they have already accumulated, learn more and they will find a cure. Between now and then is a lot of work. Persistence is key. We have to keep talking about caregivers, patients and costs, in dollars and lives, of not finding a cure.

A new Samsung S5

Went in an AT € T store in Blue Ridge,  Georgia today, because my HTC One died. It had been an awesome phone. I took hundreds of photos and made thousands of posts on Facebook and the blog. I will keep the HTC, it’s a great memento. I got an awesome phone to replace it. I got the Samsung S5.

Two awesome and knowledgeable young ladies got me fixed up.


3 miles today. 2 of them were on Charity Miles for the Alzheimer’s Association. 

I had a great time talking with the Georgia Health Care Association.

I came back by and spent some time with my daughter and my grandchildren and my son in law. I’m in Holly Springs, tonight.

It sure is getting to be that time of the year. November 6th

The Georgia Health Care Association

Last January I was invited to speak to a rather large organization. The Association representative Belinda Price said I would be the first speaker, on the first day. That was today.They reserved a beautiful cottage for me at Brasstown Valley Resorts,  in Young Harris,  Georgia. My old friend Tammy Baker, from the Gilmer County Nursing Home, introduced me. I was honored to share my thoughts with them, concerning last years trip across America. This envelope contains
around $266 they collected for the Alzheimer’s Association.