to keep going, Keep Going

From an online dictionary . . . . .

Keep Going ~ make an effort to live normally when in a difficult situation.

No one can tell you how high to fly or how much to dream. Only God and you know how far you go. You alone will answer that. The only thing that limits you is the edge of your imagination

a story, a short story, a good story, I helped write it

The man had no special talent, but he did have an idea, for a journey, one he liked.

He embarked on it, failed often, succeeded often, hurt people’s feelings, his were often hurt, he was unsure, a lot, he struggled, every day, but kept doing what he thought was most important

One day he realized that he was normal, that he was living life as best he knew how. He looked back and saw that stuff had gone better than he could have ever imagined. He felt good. The End

He continues doing what he thinks is most important and he Keeps Moving.

Taking the stairs saved my life ~ on YouTube

Proud of my response to the bleeding ulcer that the doctors said almost took my life!

B.C. man walks Canada’s Great Trail in epic decade-long trek

He walked far!

am I on track to reach the goal? 2092 miles!!

It’s a goal that was set to put a little excitement in the mix for me.

Mom and I keep each other safe and have now for over 2 and 1/2 years. I walk when it works and have learned to be spontaneous.

The goal is to be on foot at least 2092 miles, according to the Charity Miles application, between January 1 and December 31st 2018.

As of last night the number is 1,830, with 262 more needed.

The Charity Miles application tracks my miles and advertisers donate money to the Special Olympics for each mile walked.

The walking will hopefully help me remain fit.

where did it go, the time

This is about how much time I have not spent living in the moment.

Yesterday I was 10 years old

Today, I’m 68

Where did it go

Was I there

It was my choice

What will I do with the rest of it

aim high parents – Down Syndrome

Developmentally disabled children benefit from parents who aim high.

To read more, follow the link and see what you think . . . . .

we gotta clean the brain out ~ Alzheimer’s #endalz

From my point of view, something is going on with the job of keeping our brain clean. It’s not getting done thorough enough, and lots of stuff could be the guilty party. Remember, this old guy is a high school graduate, but it makes sense.

  • what could be the biggest reason?
  • what could be the second biggest cause
  • is any of this, lack of cleaning, avoidable?
  • no answers here, but maybe some good questions

I was thinking about mom taking the garbage out every night, just before bedtime. All of a sudden, some of it is piling up in the house. Why? How many reasons could there be? A lot huh? In the brain, maybe the garbage starts sticking together and it’s hard to get from one room to another.

this type stuff inspires me sometimes

we are explorers

every day we wake up, a hundred different things could happen. We never know for sure, but we try to anticipate, and may set strategies for the possibilities, but in the end, it may just come down to dealing with life as it is put in front of us.

My thoughts . . . . .