what I heard the NIH director say on a YouTube clip about research money – paraphrasing

He was asked how they prioritize research funding that is spent searching for a cure. He answered by saying: “we consider the important information in the list below, but don’t limit ourselves as to what we may look at”

  • Costs to the American taxpayer 
  • Number of afflicted 
  • Good ideas available (peer review)
  • Probability of breakthrough (peer review)
  • Amount of suffering 

He mentioned sometimes they have to include other reasoning. (example)The parents of children with rare disease don’t care if the disease is rare or not, they want to see some relief for their child. He also mentioned the research for rare diseases has brought ideas to the forefront that may help with other diseases.

The one asking Mr. Collins the question on the YouTube clip was Senator Moran. I could have posted a link here, but I lost it. This is too important to just forget about.

With my High School Diploma always close, raising awareness concerning alzheimer’s disease has been a priority for me since June of 2012. Social media is the best tool available to me. I am also a 24/7 caregiver for my 89 year old mom. 


Symbolic finish to the 2013 trip – in Canton, Georgia 

Great times, that became Great Memories! 

Thank You!

support groups

I have attended a few. At most of them, each attendee was given the opportunity to speak. Some turned it down. No pressure involved. Folks brought up problems and other folks shared how they handled them. 

Support Groups, in my opinion, are a HUGE help. 

my family 

I have two children, a son and a daughter. I have five grandchildren and an ex-wife. A visit to see them amounts to trying to stay up with some happy, energetic and busy folks. We talk regularly and have a strong bond. It’s a great feeling. I love them all very much and swell with pride when I think of each and every one of them. 

My thoughts about my awesome son-in-law and daughter-in-law are great thoughts. 

My family seems to be tolerant of my mission. I know this, bottom line. I love them all more than I could ever explain.  

There ya go. Thoughts about my family very early on a chilly morning in Crawford County, Georgia. 

my thoughts on the man from Illinois 

I first heard of him while he was walking from Illinois to Georgia. Later I read he was walking from Georgia to Washington DC. Then it was reported he was travelling from Georgia to Illinois. He seems to be on a fact-finding mission. What he’s doing is tough Duty. He seems to be very concerned with making an impact and helping concerning Alzheimer’s disease. What he’s doing is very inspiring.

These are my thoughts. Thank you for reading my blog.

What’s going on in Columbus, GA? 

I have used Facebook for a few years to help raise awareness concerning Alzheimer’s disease. One particular area grabs my attention regularly. Columbus, Georgia. My attention is grabbed by a steady stream of posts, usually with a picture, telling us where they are spreading the news about alzheimer’s and tips on dealing with it. This not-for-profit representative is working at delivering tangle help to the community they fund raise in. That’s pretty awesome stuff to me. 

What happened in the mid-twentieth century that caused so many diseases? 

Fertilizer, growth hormones, and preservatives.

some thoughts about the 11 year old Marcher

He’s already been on foot over 3,500 miles. He’s marching from Key West, Florida to Blaine, Washington. He has about 500 miles to go. He is 11 years old and has Type 1 diabetes. He stops several times each day to test his blood sugar. Also several times each day, insulin is injected via needle. 

It’s always been a thought in my mind how I may learn from Noah. We may have situations that slow us down, but we don’t have to stop. For the rest of my life when I get that nightmarish feeling that maybe I have to quit trying to do great things, I will think of him and continue on.

Although this has been very obvious, yesterday, I had a realization. An 11 year old could not have done anything like this alone. I realized the importance of family believing in what you’re doing. I read somewhere, or heard somewhere, that he had a thought one day, and the thought was to March across America. This March is about diabetes. It’s very obvious his family came together for him and look where they are now.

This blog post contains my thoughts about the situation. Inspiration comes from many places, and a bid dose comes from the March and the folks involved. 

Here is a link to read more;


Alzheimer’s is an expensive disease — we need research to fight it (an article)


$1.34 billion to stop a $259 billion dollar disease 

The Alzheimer’s Association estimates that $259 billion dollars will be spent by Americans because of Alzheimer’s Disease in 2017. Similar ratios have been used for a few years and have not worked. 

How did the $259 billion dollar figure get so big? How long did that take? How many years? That’s a big figure. Why didn’t we do something about this disease when the expense was much smaller? Why have we waited so long? Where was the leadership?