I had to believe that something could happen . . .

The motive was there, and the knowledge. Although I have lacked confidence many times in the past, not this time. No, it wasn’t a cockiness, it was confidence.

A friend had spoken some words to me and they came to mind often.

“If it is to be, it’s up to me”

I took total responsibility for weighing 273 pounds and went to work.

My past included more weight loss attempts than could be counted.

This was different. In eleven months, 100 pounds came off, and over the next few years, another 18.

Eighteen years later, the weight loss remains.

So many losses . . . gotta keep moving

As we age, most of use experience many losses and we struggle to stay in control of what we may be able to. It seems to me that good health, for me anyway, needs to be in the forefront.

Life has good times and not so good ones . . .

I would imagine we have all noticed that huh?

These pictures may make ya think . . . Good Stuff

It doesn’t matter to me how long it takes to put up the tent . . .

In the past, my tent would be set up in about fifteen minutes. The last time it took me about twenty five. Age seems to be slowing me down a little, on some stuff. Some folks may see this as a fork in the road, a time for deciding.

Should the tent be put away or is the extra time worth it to me?

At this point in time, and hopefully always, the time will not be as important to me as staying active . . .

Maybe I don’t look as proficient as in the past either, but, for now, I’ll keep moving and doing stuff . . .

Genetics and Environment

I’m not a scientist, but I have a simplistic adaption of what has came to me from reading.

Genetics are something we can’t change short term, but time and environment may be able to change what our genes do, and how they react to stuff over years and years of living and our bodies adapting to stuff. The affect of environment may not be able to change some stuff fast, but it can change some things extremely quick.

My definition of environment is the air we breathe, the food and water we ingest, the sounds we hear, the temperature we live in, the stress we feel, and so on and so forth.

I’m not a scientist though, but well, some of this feels like common sense . . .

Well, that’s it for now. Maybe this makes sense enough to some folks to create interest . . .

Improving is better than not improving . . .

No perfection here and I am not much for extreme detail. An example . . .

My decision to lose weight resulted in the loss of 118 pounds. No doctors or medications were involved. It was a calorie restriction diet along with light resistance and aerobic exercise.

I wasn’t perfect with any of it. 100 pounds dropped off in 11 months and the other 18 came slow after that.

Was I eating healthy food with every bite? Did I do every movement of the exercise with precision? Did I eat, every once in awhile, unhealthy food? Did I skip a workout here and there? The answer is no to the first two questions and yes to the last two.

No rewriting history here. That’s how part of my transformation went.

It seems to be part of my personality that if I shoot to be perfect or highly detailed, on some stuff, I quit.

To this day, my eating and exercise, are done the same way as before. No perfection here.


He would want me to get up and Keep Moving

My time spent exercising has been off a little for the last four days, on the short side.

It’s my responsibility to do what needs doing, and no one else’s. On November 3rd, 2015 a friend of mine passed away. That was four years ago. Did that have an affect on me this week? Maybe it did but no, that shouldn’t happen.

It makes me feel stronger to think of him watching me and believing that he would want me to get back up and Keep Moving.

Tomorrow is a new day. Time to get back to work.

Tyler is missed . . .

Invictus . . . an important piece of work to a lot of people

2 comments made to me this week . . .

Most of my miles are jogging, some walking.

Twice this week, people slowed and told me stuff . . .

First young man . . . “Don’t ever stop running sir

Second young man . . . “You’re like the mailman, nothing stops you” (it was raining)

Tears came to my eyes as I typed those words. I appreciate the encouragement . . .

November 10th 2019 – Sunday

My sister in law picked mom up Friday morning and they will be home today or tomorrow. So it’s me and Dash the dog.

Wow, the weather has gotten much cooler. I don’t enjoy starting off my jogging in cold weather.

Mom and I are looking forward to reading from this book.

No matter what occurs, the old guy continues on. Persistence and moderation are important to me. Putting much thought into what I am persistent about is extremely important. Moderation allows me to keep other areas of my life going.