“Kent McKelvey, Medical Geneticist”

Seems like a kind person.

Dr. McKelvey has been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia and is fighting for his life at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston Texas.

about disabilities

Fifty-seven million Americans are living with disabilities, 400,000 of them with Down Syndrome. Almost three decades ago President Bush signed into law the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which provides individuals with disabilities . . .

The paragraph above was taken from the article that the link below will take you to.


runner, weight loss, Alzheimer’s

Her story includes running, weight loss and Alzheimer’s disease. She will soon Walk to End Alzheimer’s.

She said she is working to stay in good health.

“Chicago Cubs Fan with Down syndrome sings national anthem”

This is a great story to me.

A second long-distance bicyclist from today

This was on Route 66 in Oklahoma. I appreciate him chatting with me a moment and letting me take a picture.

A long-distance bicyclist from the United Kingdom

I met him near Texhoma.

He is crossing the United States. I appreciate him putting up with my curiosity.

Long distance Trekker??

Neither one of us could understand a word the other one said. I think he understood I cared, and I certainly understood he was glad. He pointed to the West and pointed to the east. He gave me a hug when he left.

adapting to changes in the body, not stopping though

A glance to my left, and there he was. He looked like a long distance bicyclist, and he was.

He’s riding Route 66, from end to end. When he stopped to chat with me, he decided to get off of the bicycle. He had to shift to the left and gently lay the bike down.

He can’t lift his leg up to get off the bike or on it. He said he’s been that way about four years. Friends and family tried to get him to quit riding, but he said that’s not going to happen.

This man is 83 years old, pedaling Route 66 alone, self supported and making do with what he’s got. He said pain is a companion and it’s okay.

some recent pictures

2017 – my slump year

710 miles on foot from January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017. That’s a little over one mile daily. So far this year the daily average for miles on foot is over five.

Just guessing, my steps were probably around 4,500 per day. This year the average is, again guessing, probably around 15,000 daily.

The difference I feel is not a guess. My weight is great and some of my pain has gone, and my energy level is good.

I never want to stop the walking. I am so Grateful!