Long distance Trekker??

Neither one of us could understand a word the other one said. I think he understood I cared, and I certainly understood he was glad. He pointed to the West and pointed to the east. He gave me a hug when he left.

adapting to changes in the body, not stopping though

A glance to my left, and there he was. He looked like a long distance bicyclist, and he was.

He’s riding Route 66, from end to end. When he stopped to chat with me, he decided to get off of the bicycle. He had to shift to the left and gently lay the bike down.

He can’t lift his leg up to get off the bike or on it. He said he’s been that way about four years. Friends and family tried to get him to quit riding, but he said that’s not going to happen.

This man is 83 years old, pedaling Route 66 alone, self supported and making do with what he’s got. He said pain is a companion and it’s okay.

some recent pictures

2017 – my slump year

710 miles on foot from January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017. That’s a little over one mile daily. So far this year the daily average for miles on foot is over five.

Just guessing, my steps were probably around 4,500 per day. This year the average is, again guessing, probably around 15,000 daily.

The difference I feel is not a guess. My weight is great and some of my pain has gone, and my energy level is good.

I never want to stop the walking. I am so Grateful!


sort of a goal – yeah, it’s a Goal

Last December a Goal was set by “Across the Land” concerning miles on foot for 2018. The Goal was to be on foot for 1200 miles by December 31, 2018.

As of this moment, 1340 is the number so far.

So the Goal has been hammered, and that’s a good thing.

This Goal is to make my miles on foot a little more interesting to me.

I have 112 more days in 2018.

So . . . . . By December 31, 2018, I will strive to have a total miles on foot, of 2092 miles.

Worthwhile? . . . . . It is. It will help me raise money for a charity, the daily tweets will raise a little awareness and maybe the work will help me remain fit.

Doable? . . . . . Mom and I keep each other safe and that’s my first priority, but I think it’s doable.

my dad’s day

He was born on September 9th, 1924.

He passed away on June 30 of 2000. He had Alzheimer’s.

“Alphaville – Forever Young 2018 (mSOLO Remix)”

This is pretty good stuff!

some stuff from ORMF – Down syndrome mentioned


About research scientist Robert Pezza, Ph.D.

Where am I ? What in the heck am I doing ?

Still here in Roberta, Georgia. Mom and I are continuing to keep each other safe, and it’s working.

I continue to give the Alzheimer’s movement plenty of encouragement on Twitter.

I’m continuing to learn about Down syndrome and provide encouragement to other Twitter users that are doing the same.

I’m walking, and jogging a wee bit, everyday and stretching, doing some resistance work, and doing a pretty good job with my eating, most of the time.

Life is great and I’m Grateful for it!

That picture is from a few weeks ago.

Dr. Cooper’s recommendations to help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s


Thank you Dr. Cooper