Doing some jogging and walking to stay as fit as possible and raising awareness about Down syndrome.

May 23, 2018 #MAY2018CARTRIP

The Charity Miles application recorded between 2 and 3 miles today. This was a special day for me because those miles were covered at the Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas.

Visiting the Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas

The book we are holding is the one I read in 2001, did what it said, and lost 118 lbs.

A quote

Many, many difficult, painful, grief-inducing circumstances in my life have arisen because of my tendency to reach father then it seemed possible or practical, and so have all of my victories and successes. – James Owen

I want to go far with this

I want to help. I don’t want to make any mistakes, but, when I do, I will do my best to learn from them and move on.

Before I take a step, I won’t try to be perfect, that might keep me from ever moving. I can take the heat from the mistakes and I can take the lack of comfort from the successes. Yeah, I don’t know much what to do, when someone says I did well. I just know I don’t want to sit around resting on that.

If I help no one, what’s the use? There’s plenty of work to be done to make this place we call home better.

It’s really time for me to get focused and it’s also time for me to get some sleep. Thank you for reading my blog.

leaving early tomorrow morning

Early tomorrow morning, I will head west. This car trip will be to meet with folks that will raise my level of awareness about Down syndrome.

Mom wishes me well and she will have someone with her.

One of the connections that puts importance on this for me, is actually mom’s connection, from many years ago. She has expressed how much this means to her.

I am very thankful for the health and means to be able to do what I do.

what happened to 2017?

I’m sitting on mom’s deck and realizing I’ve already jogged and walked 675 miles this year, less than 5 months.

In all of last year, the number was 710. Why?

Was it continuing to try and get comfortable with my “still new” role, as a caregiver, was it getting used to the pain, was it depression? Maybe it was a bit of all three or something else possibly.

The miles are up and it feels good. It seems like body movement can change how I feel. So many times I have not felt like going, but go anyway, and then in a bit, I feel better.

who was Linda Crnic?

CU Professor Linda S. Crnic of pediatrics and psychiatry died on September 11, 2004, from head injuries suffered in a biking accident in Oregon. She was 56. Dr. Crnic was born on March 29, 1948, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the daughter of Herman and Patricia Smith. She married Stan L. Wilkes.

“Linda understood better than most, the power of putting together a broad network of scholars within and across campuses,” Jones said. She was also active with Down syndrome families, working locally and traveling with them to Washington, DC., to make the case for better support, care and research. Linda’s energy and breadth of vision will be difficult to replace.


All of the above came from Wikipedia

they will “be back”

I found out today my friend had plans to pursue a lofty goal, guess it would be okay to call it that, a goal. Responsibilities stepped in and changed things, at least for now.

That makes about the fourth such situation like this affecting folks that I think of as close friends.

All four, it seems to me, will adjust, reset their sails, do what they consider the right thing, and they will “be back.”

They Inspire me, and I pull for them.

father and son team pedaling to Dallas

I spoke briefly with two men that were sitting on a rail on Highway 80 near where it intersects with 19, west of Roberta about 15 miles. They began at Tybee Island and hope to end about 1/2 mile from the Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas.

No charity involved, no social media, just a kind of so long from one part of life to another.

I found a baby deer (fawn)

I was walking west today on Highway 80, grass tall, quiet time of the day.

Something to my left caught my eye. It was a fawn and it was about two feet off of the road, just laying there. I couldn’t tell if the eyes were open, saw no damage, so I gently touched its side with my hiking stick.

The baby deer jumped up, made a noise and ran down the hill and off in the woods.