what am I doing?

I drive a car with signs on it that advertise for the Alzheimer’s Association.

I run, jog and walk wearing shirts that speak of alzheimer’s disease.

I hand out cards with an alzheimer’s helpline phone number on them.

My “Mission” is to raise awareness concerning alzheimer’s disease.

I made a promise.

I’m still breathing.

I gotta keep going.

I have a mom that will soon be 88 years old. She needs help. Myself and other members of our family will provide assistance.

I will make this work. That’s what I do. That’s what I have always done. Yes, I take care of myself.

I am 65 years old.

A well meaning friend asked me when I will quit. I told her I don’t see it happening.

I am resilient, persistent and just plain stubborn.

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

I purchased a hydration vest. I’ve never had one .


I turned on the Charity Miles application this morning and headed to the forest. Here is a picture from the farm. The dog is a healer and she is watching those horses.


Went out for a second run to see how the vest felt. It feels good. It has lots of pockets. I’ll get used to wearing this pretty quick.


I took this picture on my last jog of the day. This is near the water tower.


my billboard for helping

Things are going well. My patience level has risen and I am proud of that. Changing roles takes commitment and  . . . . .  time …..

Staying fit to improve my chances of not getting alzheimer’s disease.

Getting a little excited about an upcoming milestone. On June 1st, it will be 4 years that I have been committed to the project “Across the Land”

alzheimer’s – a good ending . . . . .


In 2013, this young lady drove out to say hello to me, and to thank me for my efforts. I was pushing a jogging stroller across America to raise awareness concerning alzheimer’s disease.

She explained to me that she had been very active in school. Then her world changed. Her grandmother was diagnosed with alzheimer’s disease. She stopped everything. She stopped everything to help her precious grandmother. She never attended a prom. She stopped the extra curricular activities she had involved herself in. She worked hard to get enough hours in, so she could graduate from school. Her grandmother needed her, and she answered the call, and considered it an honor. After her grandmother passed, this young lady went back to work to finish her higher education.That was important to her grandmother. Today, May 3rd, 2016, she passed nursing school and next month she will sit for the State Boards. She will then be a Registered Nurse. She never gave up on her dreams, and she never lost faith! She knows God’s timing is PERFECT and that she is so thankful for the paths he lead her down. Her grandmother taught her those things.

My belief is that God and her grandmother both are smiling.

She has been my personal inspiration since the day I met her.

I love the words she lives by –

Never give up on your dreams and never lose faith. God’s timing is PERFECT and I am thankful for the paths he leads me down.

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

This morning I decided to purchase another heart rate monitor. I have not had one for years. In 2001, I went the first month of my weight loss program without much success. I purchased a Polar Heart Rate monitor, and found I had not been getting my heart in the aerobic zone it needed. In the month following my purchase, I lost 26 lbs. I will pick one up this week.

Today’s 3 miles were through the industrial park, out on 80 and on a short section of single track next to the farm. I didn’t get the aerobic workout I was shooting for. – tomorrow I will

I spent a few minutes on a light resistance workout with dumbbells.

Just finished scrolling through Twitter and don’t see much about anything new concerning alzheimer’s. 


photo from the run this morning - my billboard

Peace on a highway

While traveling with my jogging stroller in 2013, I noticed a feeling. I didn’t understand the feeling, at first. It was new to me. It was a relaxing feeling, ah, but with a sprinkle of sadness. I experienced it many times, mostly on very unused sections of Route 66.

I later gave it a name. I called it “Peace

Why the sadness, I wondered? I don’t know. Maybe because I wish I could have experienced the same feelings with someone. Could it be the same though? You know, if someone else was there.

Anyway, I have experienced some of that feeling here, near Roberta, Georgia.

I have read where Highway 80 was commissioned as a cross country highway in 1926. I saw firsthand the beginning of it, at Tybee Island, Georgia.


"my other end is in San Diego"

I read that some folks feel the history of Highway 80 is second only to that of Route 66.

Those feelings on Route 66, were some of the best I have experienced. Here in Roberta, sits an old style motel, not unlike the ones common on Route 66. It’s in great shape and is currently in operation.

In an ironic twist, mom and her husband moved to Roberta in late 2014. Their home is less than 1/3 of a mile from U.S.Highway 80. I am with mom now. Her husband passed away.

I can now, at almost anytime walk to 80, turn west and go a mile or so, and stop. If things are just right, sometimes I feel that peace.

Even though 80 has been decommissioned past Dallas, Texas, it’s still out there somewhere. I know it is. It makes a difference knowing it goes from ocean to ocean. I don’t know why it makes a difference, but it does.

Monday, May 2nd, 2016 evening

Lisa has to have her gall bladder removed. Jan is out for a few days with a respiratory and ear infection. Armand needs surgery for an infection in his face.

Jack stops to provide part time caregiving for his mom.

I hope those 3 are okay. I bet they are. They will bounce back, just as I will.

Go to the word “Menu”. Click on it and then click on “Mission”. Their ya go.

The “Mission” has never changed.

God bless us all! Wow, we all try so hard! When I say we, I mean you too.

Been sitting under mom’s carport enjoying the rain. It stopped and I am going in.

Visited Peach County Georgia

This is a beautiful area to jog and walk in. I passed sod farms and pecan orchards. The drivers were, as usual, very courteous.



I waved a lot and they all waived back. Fort Valley has a population of nearly 10,000.






Monday, May 2nd, 2016 morning

Its partly cloudy in Roberta, Georgia. As I was typing that, the sun popped out from behind a cloud. Change can be fast.

Yesterday, mom pointed out how many squirrels spend time in her yard. She enjoys watching.


the crape myrtle is beautiful

Since I began this post, all the clouds moved on.


We may travel today. Travel can be energizing. Maybe it’s the change in scenery.

Sunday, May 1st, 2016 – evening

4.46 miles today on Charity Miles for the Alzheimer’s Association.

The death of an acquaintance stunned me this evening. I met him one time. He was a very young man. Damn.

I’m doing well, but I just don’t know what to do sometimes. Wish I could help more.

Some days I wish I could be out west on Route 66 and experience it one more time.

Ah, it’s a great life either way. Keep going, keep swimming, never give up on life.

did I run when I weighed 273 lbs?

No. Once I made the decision to lose the weight, I read about the situation I found myself in.

6 foot tall, 273 lbs and just coming out off a near death situation, that was not an accident. That was important because my body had been subject to a long period of time that certainly caused damage.

I had to be concerned about my musculoskeletal system and mainly my heart. They had found I have a valve that leaks, and my left lung is heavily scarred from 4 battles with pneumonia, starting at age 1.

I shot for a 20 minute mile and when that got doable, I shot for 2 each 20 minute miles, and then 3. After that, I went for a 15 minute mile and so on and so forth. No running and no jogging.

It wasn’t until 2006 that I began to jog. Then when that became comfortable, I ran. I was 56 years old when I became a runner.

I am 65 now and choose to start easing off on the running. I want to be able to jog on into my 90’s. I manage my resources well and I am looking forward to many more years of picking em up and laying em down.

I have become my own expert at running.

I hope everyone has time and the health to get aerobic exercise.