Learning and Sharing about Down Syndrome, helping keep my 89 year old mom safe, and section walking across Georgia


the Dixie Overland Highway – U.S.Highway 80

The Dixie Overland Highway was an auto trail across the Southern United States. It was conceived in July 1914 by the Automobile Club of Savannah, which envisioned a warm-weather driving route from Georgia to California. In 1925 the federal joint board on interstate highways created US Route 80, largely following the route of the Dixie Overland Highway.

The original Highway 80 route was from San Diego, California to Tybee Island, Georgia.

the plans we made last night . .

  • 07:00 am wake up, make bed, walk around to get woke up
  • 08:00 am breakfast, clean up stuff
  • 09:00 am walk intermittently until 4 miles is completed

Most Important – be totally flexible and be willing to change everything, because I am a caregiver.


Wilson is ready to do some more work

We ain’t finished here.

Wilson asked “Where we going?”

We’re gonna raise awareness concerning Down Syndrome. New signs should arrive in approximately two weeks, and we will let some folks see um, out on the road, Highway 80 and Highway 341.

new perspective from a dear friend

The young lady and her two sons were sitting at a picnic table and the young lady slid to the edge of bench, leaned forward, smiled, and told me how blessed their family was to have a child born with Down Syndrome.

She held that smile for about 50 seconds and then picked up the new addition and gave him a hug.

This was the beginning of a new perspective for me, feels right and I don’t want to let go of it.

Quote and a picture #10

manage your resources, Keep Going

Maybe something big has changed your life, maybe you became a caregiver of sorts.

You may have to give up some of your goals, but then again, maybe you don’t have to. Maybe lower them, keep them realistic. You may have to work to achieve your goals at some odd times and in some odd places.

We’ve learned here, to manage the heck out of our resources, be responsible, keep achieving goals and continue to have fun . . .

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Watch “Children’s Hospital Employee With Down Syndrome Inspires Doctors, Patients” on YouTube