5.25.2019 those of us who were not there, were not there

“Every minute of each day for many months they saw death and destruction. Staying alive and trying to kill others were two of their tasks. They lost friends and saw the dead enemy they didn’t even know. They come home to sort this out where many just don’t seem to care if they sort out anything. You say some adjust easily. Well, I never met any of those. Those of us who were not there, were not there.” anonymous

5.25.2019 long distance travelers

Mom’s in the Dollar General picking up some stuff as I sit outside looking at traffic on U.S. Highway 80. Over three years here with mom and I have met many long distance travelers, as they pass through Roberta, most on bicycles, but some on foot.

I’ve chatted with many of those folks and the stories are always interesting. Most of the ones traveling alone seemed like they felt comfort during our conversations. I enjoyed speaking with each one.

5.25.2019 me a hypocrite?

On several occasions I have seen posts that speak of being kind because we may not know what others may be going through. I usually tap the like button and most of the time the share button.

But silently, sometimes I am so quick to judge without giving thought to what someone might be going through that may cause the behavior I am judging. I don’t like the feeling that follows my thinking.

Is it right for me to want others to follow that advice, but not me. No, it’s not.

5.25.2019 a lot of quotes?

For a long time it seemed like my life was an ongoing search for one quote after another to keep me excited. That search and the excitement that followed the finding of a new one, didn’t seem to ever alter my behavior. Maybe it did a little at some point, but I don’t remember that.

Ah!!, that is until this particular quote . . . . .
“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me” Erma Bombeck

Keeping those words before me consistently has changed how I think. The quote is a foundation for all I do and it has altered my behaviour.

5.24.2019 “We all belong”

5.23.2019 another new beginning

this WordPress blog has been a great diary of sorts. As of today its had over 297,000 views and had visitors from well over 100 countries. My plans include getting better at blogging so folks that read it may find it worthwhile. I want to share media from others, keep a record of what I consider special events and editorialize. The subjects will be concerning Alzheimer’s, Veterans, Down syndrome and health for Seniors.

5.22.2019 I’m not afraid of getting older . . .

5.21.2019 something’s different

2019 has brought with it the passing of many of my peers and the loss of mobility for some others.

I feel a twinge of sadness, thankfulness, and a calmness of sorts. It feels like a time to let some special folks know my feelings concerning them.

I gotta keep going, gotta.

5.20.2019 wide open spaces

Being out west, on foot, on Route 66 and Interstate 40 was a soul opener. I felt better out there than anywhere I have ever been. The openness, is that a word, was wonderful. The peace . . .

I can drive a few miles from mom’s and get a taste of it. What is it? I don’t know but I do know it feels good. Maybe part of it here is that U.S. Highway 80 was a transcontinental highway at one point in time.

I don’t know, but being out there is good stuff.

5.19.2019 Mycle Brandy passed away


This is a sad time. Mycle passed away last night. Several strokes had not dampened his spirit. He was preparing to walk across America. His message to me was to keep going.

9:36 pm adding this . . . I am very grateful to have had Mycle for a Facebook friend. He was and will always be a constant source of inspiration for me.

5.20.2019 at 8:04 pm Mycle Brandy will always inspire me. What a great guy. He showed a lot of folks that ya can bounce back after tough stuff happens to your body. I will miss you Mr. Brandy.