Ugh… 24 hours huh !!

Yesterday and last night, it seemed like such a good idea, to go to the park and do the 24 hour thing. This morning it doesn’t seem as exciting. I am in my car, headed to the park, to give it a shot. I will see what comes of it. After all, this is to raise awareness for the Alzheimers Association. In my mind, that just gave it a little bit of energy, ya know,  to think of why I am doing it.

From the past …. June 14th, 2013

On June 14th, 2013, I jogged and walked 31 miles into San Jon, New Mexico.The high temperature that day was 98 degrees. The last 2 or 3 miles the highway department was resurfacing the interstate beside me. I remember the extra heat and the smell of asphalt.

I don’t understand for sure, why, but that was a good day and a good memory. I will never forget that day.

Someone called me that day and asked me to never give up on someone. I never have. I never will. I never did !

24 hours at Amicalola Falls

In Holly Springs tonight. Tomorrow morning early I will drive to the state park with all of the stairs. I’m not certain of my starting time but I will attempt to run, jog and walk for 24 hours. The last time I did this I covered 71 miles in 24 hours there. We will see.

At this stage of my training, I will feel pretty good about going for the 24 hours. The miles will be kind of secondary for now.

Will feel pretty good if I don’t fall….lotsa laughs

support group meetings

If you will, and you are dealing with alzheimers disease, please consider calling 1.800.272.3900  That is the 24 hour helpline at the Alzheimer’s Association. Your call will be answered by a trained counselor. Ask them about support group meetings in your area. Take a chance. It may help, it may not, but it may be worth at least attending 1 and finding out. A trained counselor will be there and folks that are dealing with this horrific disease probably will be also. Just try, it may help you as a caregiver and the person you are caregiving for.

around Georgia, 5/28/2015

Headed to Alpharetta, Georgia early to see an old friend and have lunch with him. Bill Glass has a mom and she has alzheimer’s disease.

Started raining on the return trip to Holly Springs. Soon that was joined by thunder and lightning. 

I actually got a mile in by walking and jogging around in circles in Ryan’s garage.

1mile today. 125 miles total for the Georgia project at the end of day 13

13,234 miles on my feet for the Alzheimer’s Association. Been doing this since June 1, 2012. That is 1091 days.

My knee is starting to feel better from the fall yesterday at the YMCA in Canton, Georgia.

After pushing to hard yesterday, today feels good.

Running store visit……

passed a running store this morning. Not sure why, but it excited me, I turned around as soon as I could and drove back to it. Went in, glanced at some stuff and headed out to the car pretty  quick.

I run, jog and walk in a minimalistic way. I don’t need much.

Little tired this morning

Ran a little over 10 miles with my buddy yesterday. She is always very accommodating with our pace. I usually just go how I need and she understands and stays near.

She is so strong and the pace she can maintain at age 45 amazes me. Yesterday, I lost a little control of myself and tried to stay at her pace to much. I can feel it this morning.

I have to remember to go to my strengths, not hers. I wish I could stay up with her, but those days are over for me. She is so strong.

I appreciate her always accommodating her “old” running buddy.

No harm done

No knee pain this morning from the fall yesterday evening. Lost some skin, so I have the normal pain that goes along with that if something hits it, but no joint pain.

Lost focus in an area where the road was pretty torn up and I needed to be focused on each step.

No harm done.

I fell this afternoon

I ran 10 miles this morning in Ellijay, Georgia. I thought that would be it.

This evening at at my grandsons soccer practice I did some more.

My foot caught a very raised area in the pavement. Usually something like this would not hinder me. I wondered at first if it was tiredness or not focusing. Thinking about it later, I remember someone speaking and giving me a slight wave. I think I lost my focus.

I slid on my left knee on rocky pavement.  I lost skin. Cleaned it up thoroughly. Looks worse than it is.

Lost focus. I need to get better. The other few times I have fallen been focus problems. A lot of miles I did not lose my focus.

Long distances.. run, jog & walk

A couple of years ago I went for 24 hours at Amicalola Falls State Park. I recorded 71 miles. That was 20 minute miles for 24 hours. That may not sound impressive but your opinion of that could change after your attempt.

I actually have done this 4 times, and the last, was my best.

To me, it is a lesson in discipline.

This activity intrigues me. I think the reason it does, is because I think it is a strategic situation, to a certain degree.

I am feeling like I will make another attempt at this soon.

I also think that the success will be measured by the amount of planning and self control I exhibit. I will know how well I do.

So many things to consider.

● when to start?
● just wander or a planned route?
● constant speed or changes to take advantage of daylight or coolness
● how to replace calories and stay hydrated
● how much to rest

May attempt this soon.