My steps in March

My total steps for March were 362,855 and 190,208 of them were in the aerobic zone.

The YTD steps are 940,030 and 449,715 of those were in the aerobic zone. The last day of March is the 91st day of 2020, with 275 still to come.

Not much of a planner here

Some folks seem to be blessed with an uncanny capacity to plan.

The writer of this blog, me, does not fit into that group.

Over the years it’s came to my attention that planning, if attempted in to much detail, has the affect of stopping me from taking any action.

My best comes when any planning that goes on is basically an outline, coupled with an attitude of “cross that bridge when I come to it”

Dreams . . .

This line came from a 1993 movie.

“My dad used to say that having dreams is what makes life tolerable.”

I’m not sure why that has always stuck with me, but it has.

For me, life has had good times and not so good times, but I’ve grown to accept what it puts in front of me, adapt if necessary and keep moving forward.

It feels good to have dreams, but circumstances and responsibilities must be considered.

Consistent . . .

For over 15 years, twice a week, same days every week, for 4 hours, same time both days, she is there.

She had a professional looking sign on an easel board, a small table, a chair, a cooler and some hand out cards.

She doesn’t approach anyone. They approach her and she answers their questions.

No social media, no interviews. She said her mission is to speak with the people that come to her.

She has missed 3 days in 15 years.

While I was their, several cars slowed down and the drivers spoke kindly to her.

She smiled a lot.

She has never taken a donation.

This is a partially true story.

I’ve changed some stuff because she does not want publicity. She reiterated that she was their to answer questions from interested peoples.

Her tone, her manner and the way people treated her was very impressive.

Watch “Who You Say I Am – Hillsong Worship” on YouTube

Watch “Dr. Fauci Answers Trevor’s Questions About Coronavirus | The Daily Social Distancing Show” on YouTube

Social distancing

I’m no scientist. Social distancing makes sense to this layman.

Mom and I haven’t had visitors in her house in several days. We have been outside to walk, get mail and walk the dog. We do not get near anyone, as we do this.

We spend a few minutes every day speaking about the best practices we hear and read about, with hopes that it has an affect on us.

Mom hasn’t been near anyone but me in a long time. She is 91 years old.

My trips out are carefully planned to reduce exposure and they are infrequent.

We do not allow this virus to paralyze us. We continue on with our exercise, we put puzzles together, watch Netflix and walk the dog. In fact, a few miles have been traveled inside, walking a path through the different rooms.

I jog in the street in front of mom’s house and never come within 15 feet of anyone. On occasion, I drive to Middle Georgia State University and jog. In front of mom’s house and at the University, I do not even get near the path of others.

My jogging at Middle Georgia State University are synchronized with a necessary visit to the grocery store.

This is serious stuff, in my opinion.

Life is Good and I am grateful for many things.

A paraphrased line from a movie . . .

Your mom died, your dad died, I’m dying from cancer, and hell, one day you will die too, but until then, you do everything you possibly can, to stay alive

The first time I heard that was many years ago, but it sticks with me. That’s Good Stuff . . .

There’s a lot of helpers out there . . .

Life outside the womb began with a medical team that possibly helped me take my first breath and be on my way.

After that, there’s no telling how many people have helped me.

My parents, other family, neighbors, teachers, doctors, nurses, friends, policemen, fireman, waiters, waitresses, teachers, and on and on and on.

This morning a corporation helped by having a store where we could pick up stuff. There were helpers there to sell us what we needed and they had unpacked it and put it on a shelf for me to see. A truck driver had delivered stuff to that store, for them to unpack and me to purchase. The story goes on.

Twice in my life I was able to continue breathing because of helpers such as doctors, nurses, administrators and innovators that invented and built machines that kept me alive.

I am extremely grateful for all the help received. There’s been an abundance of it, and there will be more.

Samsung Health

It’s an application that came with my Samsung S9.

My health is extremely important to me and I have a lifelong attitude concerning it.

The application is simple to use and serves my purpose.

It can track many things and I look at all of them occasionally, but most of my interest is on 1) total steps per day 2) healthy steps per day

The slow jogging I incorporated into my regimen equals approximately 3000 steps per mile.

My 2020 daily average as of February 29th is 9620 total steps per day and 4325 healthy steps per day.

My daily average for March is 11,504 total steps per day and 5757 healthy steps per day.

The pace of the slow jogging (healthy steps) is approximately 15 minute miles.

No goals yet, but I shoot for, at least 10,000 total steps per day and 4000* healthy steps per day.

I need to go to work!!

* Changed from 6000 to 4000, after deliberation.