a Law Enforcement story concerning alzheimers 

This is great story. Thanks to the Alzheimer’s Association Georgia Chapter. 


a bloggers history of nursing homes 

​ I’m not sure of the facts stated here, of course, but I felt pretty good with it from what I have heard. Anyway at least it’s a base. Things sure do change.


the National Alzheimer’s Plan and Appropriations 

$2 billion a year with major progress by 2025. The plan was written by the best. We just can’t seem to get the funding. Yes, progress is being made, but thousands are joining the ranks as patients or caregivers every week. 

The money will come one day, either because of raising awareness or maybe because of leadership. If enough awareness is raised, the electorate may demand the funding. If Congress leads, in my opinion, they would demand the funding.  

may start bicycling for alzheimer’s 

I started using a stationary bicycle yesterday. I’ll put a few miles on that to see how it suits me. If all goes well I will purchase a street bike and log some miles for the Alzheimer’s Association pedaling. 

No plans to stop jogging and walking. I want to use as many muscles as possible and keep bending those joints. 

This has to fit in the schedule of a caregiver. I will work at it. 

I’m working to stay fit. 

Neuroscientist and legislatures 

When Seth Rogen appeared before the Senate Committee on Appropriations, that brought a lot of attention to alzheimer’s disease. 

It seems as though it would be worthwhile to have a panel of neuroscientists do the same. 

They could explain, from the trenches, how research works and how a lack of funding hurts the process.

I feel pretty certain that most legislators, although they are pretty sharp, have no real idea of the process of research to find a cure. Momentum is extremely important. Institutional knowledge is extremely important. Many aspects are extremely important and we all need to know about them. 

Coliseum Northside Hospital – Macon, GA 

Mom felt some discomfort this morning at church service. We decided to go check it out. The folks in the E.R. were fantastic. Mom is okay. Mom’s new friend, a nurse, is full of life and has the ability to make anyone feel better. Not sure if I have seen mom smile as much in a long time. 

alzheimer’s support groups

I have attended several. I saw friendships that had formed over time, first timers, and everything in between. The folks laughed and cried. Everyone is given ample opportunity to speak. Lots of knowledge in those meetings. 

What we really got my attention were the long-term friendships. That meant these people had probably been attending these meetings for a while and that meant something to me. 

My hope is that caregivers give support groups a chance. I feel they may be surprised.

The Alzheimer’s Association can give you information concerning where and when. If there are no support groups in your area, the Alzheimer’s Association can help you start one. Take time to call 1.800.272.3900 or check the website at http://www.alz.org

I wish you well. 

helping feels right – alzheimer’s 

I have always felt a pull to help others. It’s a general type of help, not so much individual. I know both types of help are necessary. 

Feels good to know how many times the Alzheimer’s Association helpline phone number has been given out through this project. 

I realize that a certain amount of folks will not feel comfortable calling a Helpline, so I have tried to fill that need by sharing information that may be helpful to anyone who sees it on social media, or hears me speak. 

Nothing has ever felt better than sharing what caregivers say about the role they play. 

my personal fight with alzheimer’s disease – January 2017

The disease is common on dad’s side of the family. That is a concern. 

I read as much as I can find about the disease. Many articles suggest that remaining physically and mentally fit may slow or possibly stop alzheimers. I go with that

I believe in continuing on. My attitude has been a problem in the past. It never stops me, but I desire to have my attitude be as strong as the spirit that pushes me.

I often show doubt in my ability to swim while jumping in and doing just that. That’s better than not swimming, but I want melling of attitude and action.

I know this. I will not give in to alzheimer’s disease, and maybe I have no choice, but that has to be proved to me. My body may give out, but not my spirit!  

how many alzheimer’s patients are coming

Think of this. 

  1. Vietnam veterans (PTSD)
  2. Baby Boomers
  3. The disease is in us as much as 5, 10 and 15 years before serious symptoms 
  4. Not enough research money 
  5. No concrete prevention 
  6. No cure being mentioned. 

What’s the holdup – the leadership our lawmakers are supposed to provide. 

Do our law makers really understand what’s coming?