Pressing towards the Mark

Failing as I often do, can, if I allow it, make me feel bad, even slow me down. I don’t mind feeling bad, if need be, but the perspective, for me anyway, needs to show hope. I like the phrase . . “pressing towards the Mark”

I believe that about me. I want that phrase to define part of my life and I hope to never use it as an excuse.

Some folks like the phrase . . “I am a work in progress”

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Spent time talking with folks that, at one time, had a Special Olympian.

Happened upon this scene this evening . . .

My Instagram post today . . .

Speaking with a friend about an unexpected death of a child put me in an unusual place today, my feelings . . .

Friday, October 11, 2019

Late this afternoon, a young man stopped in front of mom’s house to speak. He was wondering how many miles I have been on foot, for Alzheimer’s. We chatted and realized we both had lived in Jacksonville Florida in the past. He graduated from Terry Parker High School. Good stuff . . .

My Facebook post this morning

Below are my 3 Instagram posts for today

Yesterday a man looked my way as I was nearing the end of my eight mile jog. He said “You’re getting it done sir” He gave me a thumbs up and smile. It sure made me feel good.

Here are a few photos from this morning . . . Middle Georgia State University

Nobody knows what started the fire . . . This is on U.S. Highway 80, on the west side of Roberta

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Any time is a good time to spread awareness about Down Syndrome, but this month is especially good for that. My family has three connections and we have been blessed by each one. The blessings include knowing the parents of two of them.

My current situation

One of my top priorities is helping to keep my 90 year old mom safe.

Twitter, WordPress, Instagram and Facebook are social media platforms I use to raise my awareness and share it the best I can.

My health is of extreme importance to me. Jogging, walking, stretching, balance exercise and eating as healthy as possible, are the best tools available to help me remain healthy. I am a work in progress and am always pressing towards the mark.

I try to not let this happen . . .

I’ve been like the man in the bottom before, so close, but didn’t realize it, and I quit. Lesson learned.

Stepping away and observing my current situation has been beneficial.

Safety tips from the National Institute on Aging #endalz

Awareness 21 Project: Dynamic Dane

New grants for Down syndrome research

Watch “Support increased Alzheimer’s research funding” on YouTube