The Leadville Trail 100 stuff…..

First I gotta be able to stay awake around 35 hours and be coherent.

Also I need to be able to be on my feet and moving for that same 35 hours.

After that comes other stuff.. woooo.

I Can Do It !!

My heart valve……

In 2001 while in Kennestone Hospital they found I had a leaking heart valve. They performed 2 ecocardiagram’s and told me the valve may need to be replaced in 3 to 4 years. I made major changes to my life. I lost 118 lbs. I did it by eating a food pyramid diet and alternating between aerobics and light resistance work outs. I continue every couple of years to have the ecocardiagram’s and the leakage has never got worse.

North GA mountains – nothing better

Lots of years and lots of awesome trails and lots of awesome people. Thinking about the Duncan Ridge Trail up near Wolf Pen Gap. Wonderfully hard to follow and in mid summer you better bring your own water. Tough and awesome trail.

Suches has the distinction of hanging onto some cold air and the Appalachian Trail pulls up tight against it. Beautiful little area at SR 60 and 180. Lake Winfield Scott is just around the corner. My friend with the Department of Natural Resources has lived most of his life in this area. Tim has seen a lot in those years.

The Coosa Back Country Trail starts in Vogel State Park and circles around for about 12 miles or so. Most folks can’t get it done in 1 day. Some big climbs up there. Byron Herbert Reece is from this area. He taught some at Young Harris College.

I did a couple of trail reviews in this area a few years back. I remember when the ATC pulled out of Slaughter Gap.

I remember well the day Jeff and Dorothy Hansen left Neels Gap as the proprietors. These folks enriched the lives of thousands of folks for a lot of years. Bill Irwin and Orient visited with them as Bill was becoming a legend. Bill’s wife sent me a message recently. She is an awesome lady.

Tony Jenkins has hiked many miles in this area. He knows the area better than most.

Lots of bicyclists, trail runners, day hikers and backpackers come through and are better off for having been here. My friend Mark Lein trains here some. My daughter Amy and her family have spent some awesome time here. No prettier place in the world. Scott Jurek ran and power walked through here recently on his attempt to do the entire distance of the Appalachian Trail faster than it has ever been done before.

Bill Bryson did some of his “Walk in the Woods” here. The movie stars Robert Redford and Nick Nolte.

Rugged, technical trails and lots of history. I could go on forever. Wow, what a beautiful place I live in. Brasstown Bald and the start of the Chattahoochee River just a few miles away. I love my memories of this area.

Winton Porter became a good friend when he took over the outfitting store at Neel’s Gap. I worked there for a season with Winton and some fine folks.

My brother and his troop of Boy Scouts spent time here. They were from Hilton Head, South Carolina.

I love the North Georgia Mountains.

6.30.2015 blog post

Things are going well. My resolve for helping has never been stronger. I feel lots of support for how I am trying to help in the fight against the disease that most likely will get me. I am trying hard to stay fit and keep going. I am also continuing to keep the Promise I made to my God.

The Senate Appropriations Committee

With this bipartisan call for a 60% increase in Alzheimer’s disease funding, Appropriations Committee Chairman Thad Cochran (R-MS) and Ranking Member Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) and Subcommittee Chairman Blunt and Ranking Member Murray are making history. More importantly, they are demonstrating to the millions of Americans affected by this devastating and fatal disease that they will not suffer indefinitely,” said Harry Johns, president and CEO of the Alzheimer’s Association. “As we look forward to the announcement of the first Alzheimer’s professional judgment budget next month, the momentum behind the fight to end Alzheimer’s has never been greater.”

Donna died yesterday. ….

About 40 years old. A distant relative. She had cancer. She stayed with my mom on the week she would have treatment. Her mom found her dead yesterday, in her bed. Mom said Donna fought hard and tried to live.

2 hours to live…..

After I had been in the emergency room for a bit, the doctor told me my organs were trying to shut down. He said they were doing the best they could. They said I had lost an amazing amount of blood. I was trying so hard to keep awake. One nurse in the emergency room had tears running down her face. Scary time. That was 14 years ago. I know how fragile life is and I appreciate every second.

More about Glenn Campbell

This show was a tremendous vehicle for raising awareness.

Wow, what monies may be needed to fight alzheimers disease may be the same as the budget of the Defense Department.

Something I know, America and also folks all over the world will respond, like always, and we will beat this disease. That’s what we do.

The best we have are on this. I think it takes all kinds of folks to solve problems.

Hope is on the Horizon!

6.29.2015 blog post

I watched the Glenn Campbell story on CNN last night. I kept seeing the faces of patients I have met, but mostly the faces of caregivers. My opinion is that the show will help raise awareness.

2 topics they touched on was the anger the patient can express and not making it to the bathroom. In private conversations with caregivers I have heard of both of these situations many times.

My training for the Leadville Trail 100 is going well. I enjoy having something to reach for.

Amicalola Falls has become very busy for me. Lots of folks coming to talk. People seem to appreciate long term commitment.

It’s amazing to me to reflect and realize that no matter what I have ever said, I really have been raising awareness for the Alzheimer’s Association for over 3 years.

Leadville update…..

Still shooting to run in the Leadville Trail 100 in 2017.

I’ve been advised that I need to do any power walking I do at a 15 minute pace.

Also been advised, even this far out, that I need to do a large majority of my runs on trails. I need elevation change. I need to avoid burnout.