What do I think of the Alzheimer’s Association? 

With the steady uptick of folks responding to my post on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram came that obvious question. The question arises because I constantly give out the Alzheimer’s Association 24/7 Helpline phone number and speak of them often.

To me if the Association was an individual, it would be Jerome H. Stone. His wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in 1970, which made him aware of the need for a leader in this field, so that caregivers, patients, prevention and research initiatives for better treatments and a cure could be united. This determination led him to help create The Alzheimer’s  Association in 1979. He was a philanthropist, prominent businessman, and founding president of the Association.  He passed away January 1st 2015 in Chicago, at the age of 101. (the words in italics came from Wikipedia)

From all I have learned about him, he was a man that took his job seriously and put the needs of the patients and the caregivers front row. I think he knew that connotation is important. Meetings, like the one taking place in Washington now, are serious in nature,for many reasons, one is where it is held, in front of the world. The millions of folks suffering, due to Alzheimer’s are constantly on the minds of the Alzheimer’s Association and the Advocates. 

 The Alzheimer’s Association is not any one individual. It is a nonprofit with a mission, and an obligation to the people they serve.

I have given out the Helpline phone number thousands of times and have received feedback. Never have I received negative feedback. 

I’m under no obligation to the Alzheimer’s Association, or them to me. I let them know how I feel, if their is discomfort or comfort. The Alzheimer’s Association deserves that. I know they welcome constructive criticism, because they strive to be the best they can be. I know they also place value in getting kudos because it is feedback. Feedback is extremely important. They have always welcomed mine. 

I have personally donated money many times to the Alzheimer’s Association. I have given 58 months of my life to the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. My dad passed away with Alzheimer’s Disease in June of 2000.  

I am proud to give out their helpline number and website address. I am proud to quote the words they use in their printed material and on the website.  I am proud to promote the “Walk to End Alzheimer’s” event. 

Watch “Stephen Covey: Story At Sea” on YouTube

Thanks for an Awesome day on WordPress #ENDALZ 

This is the second best day “Across the Land” has had for interaction, on the blog. Comments, likes, messages, phone calls, and thanks to the many different countries. Alzheimer’s disease is horrific and needs to be spoke of, in that manner. Congress needs to reach for the 2025 deadline that is in the National Alzheimer’s Plan. It was unanimously approved by them and President Obama signed it into law in 2011.

Most of you are past or present Caregivers. 

Watch “Kyambadde Stone in Coveys 8th Habit” on YouTube – awesome man 

This is an awesome man 

Why haven’t I heard of the National Alzheimer’s Plan? 

The last few days, I have been asked that a lot. Tonight it sunk in. Why haven’t I heard much about it? It is well written. Input came from the best on the planet. It covers every aspect I know of. It should be required reading by folks involved. It gives a good base, and I think the more folks know about the plan, the stronger they would feel when asking for help from lawmakers. Maybe it is required reading. Maybe folks do know of it. I happened upon it accidentally. I appreciate the work. 

Diabetes made me think about alzheimer’s  . . . . . Noah

I have spent 58 months of my life raising awareness concerning alzheimers disease. I have often wondered why others were not more aware. Alzheimer’s took my dad’s life and 6 of his brothers and sisters. My mom is 88 years old and does not have diabetes, but she lost several brothers and sisters to it. The arrival of Noah’s March has changed me. Before they got here, I knew almost nothing about diabetes. I know more now and for the first time in my life, I am somewhat aware of what mom’s family suffered through.  

I’m no different than the people I wondered about. 

From the Millennial Caregiver . . . . . 

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Some great information on the National Alzheimer’s Plan #ENDALZ 


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I am important in the fight to stop alzheimer’s, and so are you  . . . . . #ENDALZ 

We never know when we’re going to say something or do something that has a domino effect that we would never know the result of. Everything we do and don’t do and everything we say and don’t say has an effect somewhere.

Everyone is important.