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walking for charity

I arrived at mom’s on January, 24th, 2016, and it was eye opener. Mom and her husband required help, the situation did. Family near were helping as much as they could, and it was good help.

Ninety percent of 2016 and 2017 was spent, by yours truly, as a caregiver. Anyway, my miles have changed, the amount, the location and I accept it. I’ve walked a bit more than the numbers show below. I do some miles every few days without electronics, and that’s just to maintain some moderation. The miles below are from the Charity Miles application on my phone.

  • In 2016, I walked 1149 miles
  • In 2017, I walked 710 miles

That’s good milage for the situation here and it feels good to Keep Going.

So for the two years,the daily average was 2.54 miles per day, not bad.

No goal, no big deal, just a thing, I want to average 2.73 miles per day in 2018. That, my dear friends, will put me at 1000 miles for the year, and I will like that. I am a 24/7 caregiver for my 89 year old mom. She would do the same for me, in fact, she did, many years ago.

about the Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation

Philanthropists Zachary Fisher and David Rockefeller joined forces to establish the Fisher Center with the singular mission of finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease through scientific discovery. The Center opened shortly after Zachary Fisher’s wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. His dream was to help discover the cure so others would not have to suffer through the ravages of this disease that he and his wife had to.

Mr. Fisher died on June 4, 1999.

Elizabeth Fisher, his wife, died on January 12, 2004.

the 5 goals that form the foundation of the National Plan

  1. Prevent and Effectively Treat Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias by 2025
  2. Enhance Care Quality and Efficiency
  3. Expand Supports for People with Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias and their Families.
  4. Enhance Public Awareness and Engagement
  5. Track Progress and Drive Improvement

What’s wrong with strategies? – Alzheimer’s

Maybe nothing is wrong with them. The National Alzheimer’s Plan is a strategy. It’s hard for me to tell if it’s worthwhile or not. Some articles speak of “notable accomplishments” that resulted from the plan. I haven’t read anything that spoke negatively about it.

I’ve been told, and I think the advice is good, to read things for myself. I haven’t read any results myself. I haven’t even looked. It would be easy to say that it’s not worth the paper it’s written on, but I can’t do that. I need to hunt for the info, do the legwork, so to speak.

Now is a good time to fish or cut bait. The “Georgia Alzheimer’s Project” is a strategy, and I need to understand that one too.

Do I agree with the Georgia Alzheimer’s Project? I have no idea, the name sounds good, but I don’t know. I’m going to try and find out if it seems good.

Some folks have told me that some strategies are put in place to pacify, and never result in solutions.

Strategy definition – a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim.

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The pathology was there, but no symptoms #PREVENTALZ

How to prevent alzheimer’s – Ted Talk with Lisa

a conversation with an aid worker

Well, not really, but this is what part of his dialogue may sound like. 

“Jack, I have kinfolk and friends that try to make the conversations about me, and that’s nice of them, the intent is good. But, yeah there’s a but, I just can’t let the subject be about anything but the children that are dying, and the ones suffering and near death. They need water, food and shelter. They need to smile, have some good times and feel safe.”

my advice to me as a caregiver 

A definition of the word “Embrace” – an act of accepting or supporting something willingly or enthusiastically.

Embrace it, it’s real, it’s here to stay because of who you are inside. That’s your mom, and no matter what occurs, or when, you will make sure she is safe. 

Get a legal pad and a pencil, with an eraser, and start writing. Put on paper the parts of your life caregiving may adversely affect and work to improve the areas you can. Make sure family and friends know you didn’t abandon them. 

Stop being frustrated and thinking life can go back to the way it once was, because it probably will never be the same.

Have fun, get excited, stay strong and help your mom. 

Also, when you can, take a little time off, and when you do, enjoy it. You have family that will help. 

P.S. Go on and have a Great Life while doing the right thing. You, my friend, are one “Persistent” dude!