One of the biggest problems . . .

facing me as I begin my 70th year, is mobility. Many health problems are manifested by not being active enough. My aches and pains tempt me to slow down, but something from deep inside of me, tells me to Keep Moving. Maybe what I do will not feel like it did before, and maybe it will take longer, but my plans are to “Keep Moving”

On October 8th, 13 days from now, I will be 70 years old.

Many things are far more important than my age; places seen, knowledge, friendships made, family, and faith, among other things.

A little about Dr. Kenneth H Cooper

The stuff in this post came from a tweet I saw today

Dr. Cooper saw his first patient in Dallas, Texas on December 6, 1970.

He was so kind to give me a few minutes of his time a year or two ago.

This man and his team saved my life. I read the book we are holding, did what it said and lost over 100 pounds.

Some memorabilia

The water bottle was given to me in Fort Mill, South Carolina, at one of the Bob Stroller plants. The Route 66 cap was purchased in Adrian, Texas, midway point of the “Mother Road” The flag in the Navy cup was a gift from Ernest Andrus. The Bible was given to me in Loganville, Georgia and had, still has, a $5 bill in it that marks the verse ~ “I can do all things thru Christ, whom strengthens me” The Middle Georgia State cap and mug were purchased at the Macon campus. The eagle and the “It’s a Good Day to Smile” sign, were gifts from mom.

A New Direction

For the first time in a long time, no plans are being made for an extended journey on foot. Maybe those days are behind me.

In 2013 we, the stroller and I, were on foot from Savannah, Georgia to Kingman, Arizona.

Persistence and moderation matter to me. My roles in life are ever changing and they are all important. Family, friends, Alzheimer’s, aging, and my faith, among other things, are on the top shelves.

Who knows, maybe a few short trips will manifest themselves.

Amicalola Falls State Park, in North Georgia, will most likely, see me often.

Grandparents – unsung heroes

Some dream of taking a trip or many trips.

Some look forward to moving where they have longed to live for years.

Many simply anticipate doing as they please in there latter years.

I have met so many that, when the time arrived, put all their stuff on hold to help their children and/or grandchildren.

A couple of pictures

10 Incredible Benefits of Jogging to Stay Fit & Healthy

Thank you for what you folks did . . .

Gratitude to an anonymous person.

Thank you for the water you and your crew delivered to those folks. This old man will never forget that. Here’s wishing you much success in the next chapter of your life.

For your consideration 9.15.2020

This quote was in my Twitter timeline this morning. “Returning home is the most difficult part of long-distance hiking. You have grown outside the puzzle and your piece no longer fits” ~ Cindy Ross

My first thought was do we need to fit? Maybe some places we should, but not others?

September 14, 2020

Yep, back at Amicalola Falls today. Getting noticed so folks will know about the Georgia Alzheimer’s Foundation.

Here are some pictures from today. The GDOT is paving parts of the road in the park, the part that goes to the lodge, parts of it anyway.

I did a good job, but there were not many folks there today. That’s ok though. It all adds up, like Hesiod said.