My buddy

We met on Route 66. They stopped to see what I was about, I would imagine

They ran with me before I left the area. (when you run with me, you better be prepared to do a lot of jogging and walking)

We became friends and the way I put it, almost immediately, I felt like they totally accepted me as I was.

Things began changing though and I could feel the desire to become better at everything I undertook.

Recently, the realization of the role this person has played in my life overwhelmed me. It was a good overwhelming.

My prayer in ICU . . .

The emergency room was a frightening place for me. There was a lot of blood coming from my mouth. One of the doctors said my organs were shutting down.

My knowledge of bleeding ulcers was limited but when I awoke in ICU, I was pretty darn sure this was a serious situation.

Praying, yeah, that would be a good thing to do. But something felt out of place. The word “accountability” loomed in my head. It all needed to fit.

“If you will help me get out of this hospital alive, the work will begin to get in good shape physically and mentally, and the rest of my life would be spent trying to help those that need it, without consideration for my financial situation.”

That’s a heck of a path to choose, but it’s the one for me. I have strayed but there have been many times I did not.

This prayer occurred in 2001.

About journaling for caregivers . . .

“Journaling is one self-care practice caregivers can utilize to connect within. This ritual becomes a personal record of your observations and experiences. It is your choice whether you share your writings or not. Most caregivers keep their journal private to ensure they have a safe place to vent about the specific difficulties they face.”

The link below will take you to the blog post, the paragraph above was taken from.

Tuesday June 30th 2020

In 2013 a young couple stopped and spoke with me beside the road. They were wonderful.

Later on, maybe a year or so, my travels put me back near where we had met. This time they had a little one with them. It was such a joy to see them again and meet the new addition.

Time went by and again, circumstances put me near them. If truth be known, the circumstances were that I wanted to see them again. Yep, another addition to the family, four of them now.

The new addition, a handsome young man, was born with Down syndrome and I ended up being fortunate enough to give him a kiss on his forehead. I fell in love with the whole family. The love the mom and dad show towards their little guys, well I can’t explain how good it makes me feel to be with them.

Watching him, from afar, conquering all the obstacles we all do as little folks has been extremely inspiring to me.

Mom’s 3rd day home from the hospital . . .

Today is mom’s third day home from the hospital. She’s had everything but the kitchen sink thrown at her and she continues to stand upright.

A big team of well wishers that don’t mind getting their hands dirty have gathered to provide encouragement.

The 25 days in a hospital bed has left her weak but willing. She’s been through enough in her 91 plus years to know she has a fight on her hands. She may give out, but she won’t give up!

Saturday June 27th 2020

Mom tells me she’s so tired of not feeling good. She’s home from the hospital and will recieve home health care.

My investment in her continues to increase, and I am concerned that my health may suffer. My desire is to do a good job in both areas.

This photograph was taken early this morning, her first morning home from the hospital.

This would be a good day . . .

I would like to get up, make my bed up, have breakfast and go find a dirt road and jog on it. It would look like the one in the picture above. Yep, that would be suitable.

I wonder what’s around that corner.

Saturday June 20th 2020

This is a picture of my Facebook post this morning.

The therapist tell me that mom should do everything she can, on her own.

They went on to say that the doing will make her stronger in every way.

Mom just stood up, the right way, pulled her walker to her and had a successful trip to and from the bathroom.

I found this quote with a Google search . . .

“Success as a therapist is not found in doing something for the client, but rather in being something for the client.” Ili Rivera Walter

Ili Rivera Walter

Friday June 19th 2020

Mom was moved to rehabilitation today. The doctor told me she is improving and that inhouse rehab is extremely important for her.

This picture was taken just before she was placed in her room in rehab.
This photo was captured in the room she was discharged from today. She was cold. The thermostat was set to 60° when I arrived.

It’s hard for me to know how much of all of the stuff going on around her she understands.

This picture was taken as she was being interviewed by an RN in her new room.

In my opinion as a layman, we have a lot of work to do. Mom says she is ready to feel better.

Zoloft  – I had no idea . . .

When I began helping mom with her medication, they were labeled on the top, when to take them. I’m not at home right now, so I don’t know when she has been taking the Zoloft.

Because of a question brought up yesterday, a search on Google was on the task list for the day.

Here are some of the possible side effects.   sleepiness, drowsiness, tired feelings, nervousness, insomnia and others.

The RN here at Coliseum Medical Center says they are giving mom hers in the evening.

There’s so much to learn.