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she’s getting back into racing

I’ve been excited all afternoon and evening about a friend that decided today to get back into trail running. Her and her family went for a walk with me recently and it was my pleasure. She spoke of her love for getting in the woods on a single track and going and going and going. It seems that everything she undertakes gets her best stuff.

I am so proud of her and I wish her well. I will live vicariously through her for awhile, as she makes a comeback of sorts into racing . . .

It’s hard to beat a man that never gives up

No matter what occurs, the miles get done. The money and the awareness get raised. The social media is looked at, some shared, some supported. Knowledge is increased and good is done .

Where is this going? We’ll see.

What am I about?

I am working to stay healthy, both for myself, my future and thirdly, to be able to do a good job as a 24/7 caregiver for mom.

Also working to help some nonprofits raise awareness and money.

I do not have a nonprofit and do not accept donations. The money I donate every year comes from a very modest monthly income. Some of my donations go to charities, but most goes to folks in the trenches.

I have cut way back on my trips in order to save motel and gas costs that can go directly to charities and end users.

I hope to be an example of how we can Keep Going, no matter our age or circumstance.

I do what’s most important all day, every day, and I make the decision as to what is most important.

Alzheimer’s or bad hearing?

Interestingly, my friend thought his mother was becoming cognitively impaired, but found out her hearing was failing and she was faking hearing people, so they later thought her memory was gone. She couldn’t remember what she didn’t hear. She purchased hearing aids and she is good to go.

Amongst all of the noise a friend is gone

Another wonderful and precious person from my peer group passed away. As already noted in a previous post, many are already gone, and many are suffering. Life is so wonderful, but sometimes comes with extremely difficult times. We can always find somebody that suffers more than us, but that doesn’t relieve the pain, mental or physical, that we experience.

Amongst all of the noise, a friend left.

If I could do my running career over

It would start after my Naval service, about age 22. It would consist of 30 miles weekly at a pace of 12 minute miles.

I would read everything possible about nutrition, exercise, aerobic and light resistance, light yoga, stretching and balance stuff. I would incorporate each into my life.

I would not allow it to be my life, but would allow it to be part of my life.

I would have fun.

My gut or instincts, whatever you wanna call it, would be my expert.

Hope in the Midst of Alzheimer’s Drug Failures | Psychology Today

My peer group is diminishing rapidly

Being 68 years old has brought with it some sad news. It’s a gut feeling, no numbers kept, but my peer group by age, 68, has diminished more than any other age, and not by just a little. Nobody, of course, knows when their last day is.

My gut also tells me to eat as best I can and to exercise. I want to live many more years.

I listen to all of the noise about what I should be doing, spit out what I think are the bones and Keep Going.