met this long distance bicyclist 10/20/2016

15 months on the bicycle. He biked across China and is finishing crossing America. He is a stroke survivor. Most nights in a tent. No social media. Belt driven bicycle. 

He gave me permission to post his picture and tell a little of his story. The road in the picture is U.S.Highway 80. He thanked me for stopping and for the conversation.

Alzheimer’s research is serious work

A couple of recent articles imply that vascular dementia diagnosis may be dropping. The reasons stated are that scientists are learning more about how to stop some some of the causes. The word gets to the public and the public response is to follow the advice given. On the other hand, diagnosis of dementia caused by alzheimer’s disease is increasing. 

The difference between the two different causes of dementia must be stated on a regular basis. The scientific community is an amazing group of folks. So many variables must be considered and they have to be considered at all times.

66 years old and fighting off alzheimer’s 

Working to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. I’m trying to avoid depression and anxiety. I’m learning new things constantly. I’m pushing past some pain. 

I’m doing all I know to tell my body to keep me going and heal me. 

going west again tomorrow 

Not sure where, not sure what I will be doing. Wherever and whatever, it’s probably safe to say it will have something to do with my personal fight with alzheimer’s disease. Every time I go with the feelings I get, something occurs that increases my knowledge concerning alzheimers and at the same time moves me away from thinking of myself as an athlete. I appreciate Mark Bravo’s definition of “athlete” and that definition is not the one I am moving from. 

Mom is good and will be taken care of. 

Interstate 40 past Santa Rosa, New Mexico. Maybe I will go there . . . . . that is an important location to the left of that bush

Monument Valley, Utah – maybe I will go there and speak with my brother and dad once again 

Or I may go to the Mojave National Preserve 

Something always seems to lead me, and their is always a reason for it . . . . . 

He walked 40,000 miles and I love his book.

This is what I looked like yesterday while reading an awesome book. 

Love Life Walk” 

Stories & Thoughts, Walking Across America Eight Times with Steve Fugate, the Love Life Guy. 

a quote from mr. cooper

“Our charge on this Earth is to serve Christ and our fellow man, to excercise our gifts and talents to the maximum – and to care for all the assets God has given us, including our bodies”   Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper 

this post is for me

Jack, this is what your map looks like on October 18th, 2016.

may head west again soon

The United States of America

Sounds like it might work out. Being “persistent” and “flexible” works. May finish something if time allows. If it doesn’t, no big deal. If it does work out and I do finish that something, that will be good. Either way mom will be good, and I will continue raising awareness. 

my book about a man that walked 40,000 miles came

The UPS guy dropped it off a few minutes ago. Tears formed as I thought of some of the things I know about this man. 

So many miles on foot and so many years. 

Check Steve out on Facebook. 

I will treasure this book always. 

Thank you Steve Fugate. 

phone call with a friend 

I just finished a phone conversation with my friend. We have been quite a few miles together. He inspires me every time we speak. He sometimes calls me his big brother.

He has ran in races at Leadville and Boulder. He has been in 100 mile bicycle races. He helps a lot of folks reach for their dreams. He helped me reach for mine.