5 defining moments in my life

  • Holding dad’s hand as he struggled with his last breath. My brother held the other one. He had alzheimer’s disease. 
  • Visiting with a friend dying with stage 4 lung cancer. He tried to make me smile. He died shortly after I left. Not much family with him at the end. 
  • Getting the phone call telling me my brother died. We spoke for 45 minutes the evening before. 
  • Being told my friend had taken his life. He was just back from Afghanistan. 
  • Being told a friend had taken his own life. The note said he did not want his family to live with his dementia. 

      Where am I going with that? Probably just to say that I keep going, looking for and finding the good in life and enjoying it, knowing that pain will come again. When it does, I will endure and keep going!

      what a great runner and humanitarian 


      They are involved in alzheimer’s research. 

      Google Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper and see what you think. I first heard of him in 1968. 

      I did what he said and lost 100 lbs in 11 months.  

      Good cardiovascular health may slow or even stop alzheimer’s and other disease. That’s why this post is here.   

      Moderation is key to excercise, for most of us. 

      take a look at the medical school in Las Cruces, New Mexico 


      Click on the link, read about it. 

      what has kept me raising awareness for 53 months?

      Knowing that approximately 1,309 people are diagnosed with alzheimer’s disease each and every day, and knowing that approximately 68% of those folks are women. Those numbers are for America, not the whole planet.

      Being told, in person, by hundreds of caregivers how this disease has affected both them and the person they are giving care to. The affects have been horrific. 

      Also knowing the projections of what this disease will do to our way of life, if we don’t slow and finally stop it. We will not be able to afford this disease, if left unchecked. 

      I know we have the best the world has to offer looking for preventative measures and a cure, but they need money. The Alzheimer’s Association is working to get more money from the NIH ever day. 

      Caregivers need to be told someone cares and they need access to real tangible help. The Alzheimer’s Association can help. The caregivers need to know the Alzheimer’s Association exists and how to contact them.  Call 1.800.272.3900 anytime 

      I care about what I am doing. 

      4 books that inspired me

      Aerobics for Total Well Being – Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper 

      Unthinkable – Scott Rigsby

      Momentum – Mark Bravo

      Love Life Walk – Steve Fugate 

      They are listed in the order I learned of them. 

      Week ending 10/23/2016

      It’s been a great week for raising awareness concerning alzheimers disease. To use a soccer term, we had a lot of touches. We used Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WordPress. We jogged, walked, drove, and we spoke to a lot of folks, and gave out cards and bracelets.  

      To all that helped us raise awareness, thank you. We are grateful. 

      1. It’s about caregivers. 
      2. It’s about finding a cure.
      3. It’s about the patient.
      4. It’s about families 
      5. It’s about the National Institute of Health. 
      6. It’s about the Alzheimer’s Association 
      7. It’s about neuroscientists. 
      8. It’s about folks that work at senior living facilities. 
      9. It’s about all of us. This is a worldwide epidemic, that has to be stopped. 

      Alzheimer’s caregivers 

      I’m not done yet, because I’m not dead yet 

      We gotta find a cure for alzheimer’s

      Eldorado – a poem

      Gaily bedight,

      A gallant knight,
      In sunshine and in shadow,
      Had journeyed long,
      Singing a song,
      In search of Eldorado.

      But he grew old—
      This knight so bold—
      And o’er his heart a shadow
      Fell as he found
      No spot of ground
      That looked like Eldorado.

      And, as his strength
      Failed him at length,
      He met a pilgrim shadow—
      “Shadow,” said he,
      “Where can it be—
      This land of Eldorado?”

      “Over the Mountains
      Of the Moon,
      Down the Valley of the Shadow,
      Ride, boldly ride,”
      The shade replied—
      “If you seek for Eldorado!”

      4 pictures from 10/23/2016