Friday May 14th 2021

At Red Top Mountain State Park, near Cartersville Georgia.

Walked for approximately seven and one-half hours. I was tired, ten miles.

These two appear to be the only Canadian Geese at the park.
A footbridge on the Homestead Trail

A little guy and his mom spoke with me about the fish he saw.

A man and his wife of fifty years shared their thoughts on the value of walking.

A fella carrying his new canoe lost his footing, fell and cracked the bottom, no paddling today.

The Marine veteran was there again today and as usual, was encouraging.

For the first time I saw a three wheel scooter that was made to help folks navigate in rough terrain that can apply pressure to one foot.

Spent a few minutes chatting with missionaries that had spent time in the Soviet Union.

Things are changing for me

The streak at Red Top Mountain State Park stands at 178 days. Every one of those, I got up, got dressed up, drove the 10.3 miles, parked the car with her signs attached, in a predominant place, walked, talked and looked at stuff. Then I went home.

I raise awareness concerning Alzheimer’s and money for the Georgia Alzheimer’s Foundation.

This, the streak, feels right, feels good. For the first time, I feel determined to keep the streak alive and improve on my contribution.

The Great Horned Owl

Recently, my thoughts were of one of the birds of prey I had been asked to capture and take to the licensed rehabilitator at Amicalola Falls State Park. It was a very aged Great Horned Owl. The talons were enormous and cracked, and the eyes were almost milky white. I recall thinking about how difficult existence may have been for this impressive tiger owl, towards the end.  The strength to flee was gone. Flying was no longer an option. When I arrived, a large domestic cat was circling. One of the thoughts that came to me later was how much “try” this magnificent strigiform must have had to live so long. (the picture above came from Unsplash)