Monday 22 July 2019

3 outings today . . .

4.80 miles, 74° and 72% humidity

2.20 miles, 82° and 68% humidity

2.70 miles, 91° and 42% humidity

9.70 miles on foot total for the day, and 976 year to date.

The 17 minute miles feel just right to my hip, good stuff, fun.

My competition . . .

Over the years some musculoskeletal problems have caused me some pain. In October, there will be 69 candles on my birthday cake. Walking had become the norm. A couple of months ago, it felt right to try controlled jogging, 15 minute miles, shuffle steps. Doing that gets my heart rate up higher than walking fast, and makes me feel better mentally. The pain is no different than walking, very acceptable.

Today saw me with three sessions, 30 minutes, 15 minutes, and 30 minutes. The temperatures were as follows – 72°, 82° and 92°.

My competition is with myself.

Thursday 18 July 2019

The above picture from the past has no relevance for this day. I came upon these horses in Texas on Route 66, in 2019.

My miles yesterday, were done in mom’s neighborhood, in Roberta. I’m jogging a little more every week, instead of walking. My miles on feet year to date is 951.

We live in exciting times, what with so much attention on prevention. We must address prevention, slowing and curing disease. I have an extremely healthy respect for scientists.

Hope, just may really be, on the horizon.

Our food communicates with our bodies. Wow, what am I telling mine, definitely better stuff than a few years ago. No sugar in my body anymore, no vegetable oil and no grains.

a quote

“Pain is an unseen and powerful hand that breaks the skin of the stone in order to.extract the pulp. Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding” ~ Kahlil Gibran

For your consideration.

Those words may take me awhile to fully understand.


A link to the NIH website about extreme heat . . .

Wednesday 17 July 2019

I was thinking about times before my Epic Journey Across America. The picture above is from the day I began practicing jogging with a stroller, 2012.

My miles were done jogging around Roberta.

Dr. Peirson has some great information concerning Down syndrome.

The food we put in our bodies, speaks to our bodies.

Introducing kids to neuroscience

Risks and benefits of medication

Every time you get into a car, there are risks. You could have an accident, causing costly damage to your car, or injury to yourself or a loved one. But there are also benefits to riding in a car: You can travel farther and faster than walking, bring home more groceries from the store, and travel in cold or wet weather in greater comfort.

To obtain the benefits of riding in a car, you think through the risks. You consider the condition of your car and the road, for instance, before deciding to make that trip to the store.

The same is true before using any medicine. Every choice to take a medicine involves thinking through the helpful effects as well as the possible unwanted effects.

The three paragraphs above come from an article the link below will take you to . . .

When do I sit down, give up, so to speak?

Some of my friends told me physical pain, sometimes emotional pain and sometimes both was the reason they felt like they had given up doing stuff.

I will soon be 69 years old and yep, I have some pain. I never consider sitting down, so to speak, not even for a minute. Some stuff takes longer to do than before, but it still gets done.

Something inside keeps telling me to keep going, put one foot in front of the other, and continue heading my west.

In the picture below, the man on the left is 95 years old, has pain, keeps going. In fact, he is crossing America on foot at this moment. His name is Ernest Andrus.