Monthly Archives: July 2012

Where will I sleep?

I have asked several friends what would be their biggest concern about going across America with a jogging stroller. Almost all said their biggest concern would be where to spend the night.

I will have a tarp, a sleeping mat and a sleeping bag with me. Each evening I will look for a place to stay. I may find a state park, a friendly looking home and ask for permission to sleep in their yard. Maybe once every 2 weeks stay in a small motel. I will talk with law enforcement about what they suggest. The main thing is to handle my situation with as little anxiety as possible. I look forward to handling this situation .


The safety concern.

I gathered some information from a man that walked across America awhile back. The information was concerning my safety. He said the traffic was a problem, at times. He walked facing traffic . He did not listen to music because he wanted to be constantly aware of his surroundings. He tried to make himself easily seen. He alerted the local law enforcement officials as much as he could when he entered their jurisdiction.  I will make my safety a high priority.

I also spent time at a local Highway Patrol office in Jasper, Georgia getting ideas.

Re-fueling the body

I have to figure out how to replace 4 – 5000 calories every day on the Journey. It needs to be food that is good for me. I am working on this. Mark has some ideas about me using Mountain House Dehydrated Food.

44 Mile Training Day

Running on the ADA trail at Amicalola Falls State Park.

At Amicalola Falls today just to walk around a little and talk with some friends. The beautiful day got to me and I changed clothes and took off running. After doing 44 miles yesterday I was tired, but managed to cover a lot of ground today.

Training – some things I will do

I need to spend a lot of time on my feet, a bunch of days in a row. I will do a few 24 hour days and a couple of 48 hour days. Speed is not a goal.

Training – Mark’s way

Mark Lein has become a trusted advisor. He believes I should listen to my body, manage my resources and get plenty of rest. Mark has participated in many ultra events as a runner and a cyclist. He introduced me to my favorite quote.

“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say ‘I used everything you gave me'”  Erma Bombeck