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Skidaway Island State Park

Spoke to the park manager today. I stay in touch with her because she is very important to me. I look forward to meeting her and all of the park staff. This is where I will begin my journey to California. I will be raising money for Alzheimer’s research.

Gear for the trip.

Went to REI in Kennesaw, Ga today. I saw BOB. BOB is a jogging stroller. He will be named Wilson 2. Wilson 1, I have found out does not parts availability. While I was at the store, they called the Rep and they showed me the one I will be using to go across the land. Wilson 1 will do a few miles with me when I start and then he will retire and Wilson 2 will take over. Also looked at water filters and learned I need to talk with Mark Lein. Mark knows this stuff and I need advice. Also got a pair of Brooks Pure Connect shoes. These are the ones I will wear on the journey across the land. These folks are awesome. What a great bunch of people. Thanks to you guys very much. A very encouraging supporter went with me. God bless you. Will keep on keeping on until my heart stops one day, hopefully a long time from now. This is and has been an awesome journey, my life.

Terry Fox

Yesterday was the birthdate of Terry Fox. He was born in 1958. He lost a leg to cancer and made a decision to run across Canada to raise money for cancer research.He traveled around 3000 miles before having to stop because the pain from the cancer all over his body was so intense. Terry died from the cancer. His run lives on annually with thousand’s of people participating every year. I appreciate what he did so much. This was back when prosthetics were in their infancy. He had a lot of pain almost all of the time he was running.


I recently saw a U-tube video about alzheimer’s. They were asking people what is the one thing you would not want to forget. The answers were the normal things you and I would think of. It made me think of my dad and others. What it must have been like to be thinking of something and not be able to remember a name, or a place, or a person and getting frustrated. This is a very bad disease and it puts a strain on the caregiver, the caregiver’s kids and grandkids. It takes the caregiver’s life away. It some instances, if it goes on a long time, it is so normal to even have resentment. My run is to try and raise money for alzheimer’s research. Alzheimer’s got my dad in 2000, his sister before that and his brother before that.

Where will I sleep?

I have asked several of my friends what would be their biggest concern if they were going across America with a jogging stroller. Almost all said their biggest worry would be where to spend the night. I will have a tarp, a sleeping mat and a sleeping bag with me. Each evening I will look for a place to stay. I may find a state park, a friendly looking home and ask for permission to sleep in their yard. Maybe once every 2 weeks stay in a small motel. I will talk with law enforcement about what they suggest. The main thing is to handle my situation with as little anxiety as possible. I am looking forward to having to handle this situation on a daily basis and I will be doing it by myself every day for around 5 months. I will not have the benefit of other people to lean on. I will have to lean on me. This will be good for me. I will take it as it comes and do my best.

My brother

I got to thinking about my brother Denny tonight. He was 3 years older than I am. He passed away on May 5, 2005 with a heart attack. He was a great older brother and loved me very much and showed it and he told me often. I wish he were here to be part of what I am doing. He was always so encouraging to me. I called him a long time ago to ask him if I could borrow some money, he did not even hesitate and asked if he could wire it, mail it or bring it to me. I asked him to mail it and to put a payment schedule in it for me to pay him back. He asked me to call him when I got it. I called and he said he put the payment schedule in it like I asked and then he told me he wanted me to do something for him. I ask him what and he said to take the payment schedule and tear it up and throw it away. The main reason for the Run is to raise money for alzheimer’s research but I will do part of it for my brother, Denny. I love you sir.

The safety concern.

I got some information from a man that walked across America awhile back. The information I was looking for concerned my safety. He said the traffic was a constant problem. He walked facing traffic always. He did not listen to music because he wanted to be constantly aware of his surroundings. He tried to make himself easily seen. He alerted the local law enforcement officials as much as he could when he entered their jurisdiction. He carried bear spray.  He said he never had any problems with people except for drivers that came to close. He tried to stay in parks and people’s yards as  much as possible. I will make my safety a high priority. I will use many of these ideas and will be on the lookout for more ideas.


Wilson is the name of my jogging stroller. My son. that lives in Copenhagen, Denmark, named him for me. In the movie Castaway , with Tom Hanks, Wilson was the name of his companion, a soccer ball. Wilson is made to hold a small child and lets the person pushing it, jog or run slow. I will replace the child with the gear, food and water I will need to make it across the United States of America. I am doing this to raise money for Alzheimer’s research.

Re-fueling the body

I have a lot of work to do figuring out how to replace 4 – 5000 calories each and every day on the run. It has to be food that is good for me. I am getting to work on this as we speak. If anyone has any ideas, let me know.

44 Mile Training Day

Running on the ADA trail at Amicalola Falls State Park.

At Amicalola Falls today just to walk around a little and talk with some friends. The beautiful day got to me and I changed clothes and took off running. After doing 44 miles yesterday I was tired, but managed to hit it pretty good for about 5 hours. No joint pain, well hydrated but a little tired. Trying so hard to learn from what I do. Had a lot of encouragment at the park again today. I continue to think about Sophia and her parent’s and grandparent’s.