161 days until we leave for Monterey, California

I remember the night the goal came to me. I had been without any goals for about 3 days. It was in July of 2011. I had just finished the 5th and final goal I had set for myself about 6 years before. I had been praying about a new goal for nearly 2 days. It hit me about 9:00 pm, that I was going to run,jog and walk across America. I remember my training on setting goals. Was is worthwhile?  Yes, to try and show others my age that we can still do things. Also , I had read that a lot more money was needed for alzheimer’s research. So, I knew it was worthwhile.

I called 15 people that night and told them what I was going to do. Now, it is down to 161 days. It is coming fast and I feel great about all of it.

God bless all of you that have encouraged me so much. I know this will be hard. I know it will be. I will try as hard as I can every day, all day long.


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