Monthly Archives: September 2012

For Alzheimer’s, Wilson

Wilson will hold all of my sleeping gear, my running clothes and shoes, food and water. Lot of effort will go into this run. Wilson is one fine jogging stroller.



Tour de Pink

The young man that created and manages the Across the Land web site road 50 miles in the Tour de Pink bike race today. Mark Lein helped raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer.

Pushing very hard. Never quit.


Pushing hard, trails make you pay attention.


Chris Sam’s

Take a look.

He spoke with me for about an hour tonight on the phone. I found Chris while looking to see whom else may be going across America. I sent him an email an he responded and wants to help me have a successful trip.

No running today.

Had 3 teeth pulled today and got new partials. Will just rest and take a couple of days off. Getting teeth in good shape so they are not a problem on the trip.


Days until we start heading to California.

Pureconnect !!


Thanks Amy !!


9,000,000 steps f

9 million steps from Savannah to Monterey. 5-6 months. $250,000.00 goal for the Alzheimer’s Association. Also for ” me and my brother” Denny will be on my mind a lot.