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A Report

This Team effort has the same goal today that it has had since the start.
To raise Awareness and donations that will help in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease.

The Awareness has to do with a couple of different things.
1) to let people affected know the Alzheimer’s Association exists and can help them.
2) to let the general public and legislators know that this is a situation that has to be dealt with.
3) to let the people with the Alzheimer’s Association know we are glad they exist.

As a team we have been on around 13 TV stations, in almost every newspaper anywhere near our route, around 7 magazines, done 9 radio interviews, and visited 6 Alzheimer’s Association offices. We have visited countless nursing homes, assisted living facilities and day care facilities. We have talked to over 400 people beside the road about Alzheimer’s disease and the Alzheimer’s Association. We have maintained a well run web site and used Facebook and Twitter. Everywhere we eat, sleep or resupply we talk about the Alzheimer’s disease and the Alzheimer’s Association.

Someone once said that 50% of all advertising is wasted effort, but that noone knows which 50 %.

We Are All Trying So Hard To Help.

On the Donation side, we are asking for that often and in various ways. Again Trying So Hard.

We also feel like we are planting a lot of seeds for the future fight to come.

Thanks To All That Have Helped !!

Like my daughter Amy, recently reminded me. She said “Dad, if we help one person get help and raise $1.00 for the Alzheimer’s Association to help that person, we are successful.”

18 miles today. 937 for the Journey.

Cloudy, sprinkling rain.

Nice folks waving, blowing horns and moving over when they could.

Weather turned bad fast. A man took me in and I was fine.

Helped me get out of Weather! Donnie Jarrett and his puppy cricket.



Bad Weather

Torrential Rain. Lightning far off.

Easter Sunday. March 31, 2013

Running towards Little Rock, Arkansas.



Fighting the Fight.


Watch “Easter Sunday” on YouTube

Watch “Cast Away (6/8) Movie CLIP – I’m Sorry, Wilson! (2000) HD” on YouTube

Sarah Hicks – Best Western, Forrest City, Arkansas



Cyndie Crawford

Gave me a quote about flying (her and Bobby are pilots)– I converted it to Running.

It is better to be in a hotel and wish I was Running, than to be Running and wish I was in a hotel.   (because of lightning)