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For Tomorrow. #ENDALZ

Heading to Greenleaf State Park.
Leaving U.S.64.  Will be on 10.

Short day, only 12 miles.


Wilson. #ENDALZ

The BOB Company is sending me some tires. We have 1600 miles on these. That includes practice miles and Journey miles. Way out here, I have to think ahead. They have been so wonderful. This is my buddy Wilson. He is doing great. A friend of mine, Paul Staso, has over 11,000 miles on his BOB Stroller.


Some numbers. #ENDALZ

109 days into the Journey. 69 days I have ran. 6 days I have taken completely off. 29 days I have worked with the Alzheimer’s Association offices. 5 days I traveled to and from Valdosta, Georgia to see about my mom.

He is gone!! #ENDALZ


Alzheimer’s disease took dad in 2000

Thanks #ENDALZ


For letting me rest here this evening. The staff have been extremely nice. Two of them have an Alzheimer’s connection

Marval Resort in Gore, Oklahoma.

Thanks #ENDALZ

To Sequoyah Manor for allowing me to stay there last night. Wonderful place, great caregivers and patients. We had many conversations about Alzheimer’s disease. They treated me like family. The patients love this facility.

Tuesday, April 30th 2013 Recap #ENDALZ

23 miles today. 1240 miles for the Journey
85 degrees for the high
Blue sky
Not much wind
Beautiful scenery
Awesome people
9 cars pulled over
Staying at Marvel Family Resort in Gore Oklahoma


Johnny Ivan Tmi Childress. #ENDALZ



Someone very special called and said she wishes she could help more.

She is in the Fight Against Alzheimer’s disease every time she runs wearing that Bright shirt.


Young man gave me this….