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So True, for a lot of us !!


Some things on the road today !!

At least 4 people pulled up beside me to see if I needed help. I think the heat worried them.

Spoke with a hitchhiker, that was going through some tough times. Trying to get to Denver.

3 dogs came out wanting to be petted.

I realized I am tired, but seem to always be able to push a little harder.

A lot of people want to help..

Noticing more beside the road.

For practice, I have been looking as I Run for places to scramble to in case of lightning storms, hail and tornadoes.

I have also started practicing looking for good places to camp.

Starting to get better at it. I am learning a lot. It is a good feeling.

Also know I will need to carry about 10 – 15 lbs more water than in the past.

Things are changing. Lot of heat, less population, less places for shade and less places for water…..

Got to control myself better.

When my phone died today, I instantly realized my GPS , and phone numbers were in the phone.

To someone watching me, they would probably have not seen anything. Inside, I was close to a panic.

This will make me stronger !!

Friday. In Erick, Oklahoma. #ENDALZ

19 miles today. 1,610 miles done in total.

1,392 miles left.

Very hot. 95 degrees. Not much wind.

Phone died for about 3 hours. AT & T called and congratulated me for what I was doing and then helped me.

I had called Amy from my motel room. She jumped on the problem quick and called AT & T. We finally had to do a hard reset. Lost some stuff.

We will be fine.


The old highway gets covered up.


Getting closer!

Spending the night in Erik. Look at these signs.


8:00 am Friday

Heading out right now, to Erik, Oklahoma.


One step at a time heading West #ENDALZ

Heading to Erik, Oklahoma today. 17 miles.

Wilson is well.

Jack is well.


Not anymore. About 270 lbs.