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Staying Strong. Mark Bravo told me again that I am an athlete. Thanks Mark.

I went up and down the stairs today for about 6 hours. Jogged them a pretty good bit. It felt good both emotionally and physically.

It felt good to have people share their alzheimers stories with me.

I wore my alzheimers Across the Land shirt and cap.

A child went over a cliff today at Amicalola Falls State Park

I was on the bridge and heading east. I saw a man jump over the rail and tumble down the mountain. Then as I headed that way I saw another man jump over the rail and tumble down. I ran to see. I got there and the people said a little boy about 4 years old jerked away from his mom and his momentum made him fall down the mountain. A stranger was nearest and he was the first one to jump over. The second one was the dad. They all ended up being okay. They were all so lucky. A few feet either way and they would have tumbled over big rocks instead of mountain dirt. That could have been devastating.

It was so amazing watching two people totally disregard any danger for themselves to help a precious baby. It was a pretty emotional time for most that were there.

Saturday, November 30th 2013

In the Bobomobile. She has on her signs.

Heading to Amicalola to push myself. Up and down the stairs. I will be wearing my alzheimers stuff.

Hope to spread the word.

Alzheimers and Amicalola Falls

Wore my shirt and cap. Talked with about 15 folks that wanted to share their alzheimers experience. This really is a big disease. So widespread.


I met an Army Ranger

In 2012 around Thanksgiving, I saw a very strong young man running the stairs faster than I ever have. He kept going and going and going. I finally said hello and noticed he was missing his left arm. He was an Army Ranger. He lost it to an IED. He said he was having a hard time finding work and fitting in again. He was back in a special program at Camp Frank D. Merrill in Dahlonega, Ga. They were trying to help him. He said the hardest part for him was that he wanted to share his feelings with family and friends. He said they did not want anything to do with that. He said he was told a time or to that he needs to just get over it and move on. I have no idea what happened with him. I did think later though, that he had been in a very very uncomfortable situation for almost one year solid. The people he was talking about did not want discomfort for even 30 minutes. Those were his words. I could be wrong, but I think he wanted someone to just care. I did my best with him. He talked, I listened until he said he had to go.


We can do it


Happy Thanksgiving Day. #ENDALZ

Psalm 107:1
“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.” (NIV)

Amy from New Mexico. #ENDALZ

Amy works 36 hours a week as an intensive care nurse at the local hospital. Every hour after that she’s on call 24/7.

She is one of the thousands of New Mexicans serving as family caregiver.

November is National Family Caregiver’s Month, and given that Thanksgiving Day is the day we traditionally gather our family to count our blessings, there may be no better time than now to celebrate those taking on the sometimes Herculean jobs of taking care of their elders.

In Amy’s case, her mother, 77, has Alzheimer’s disease, and when not on duty at the hospital, Amy’s on duty at home.

“I get up every morning whenever she gets up,” Amy said about her mother. “Every day I help clean her up, start washing the bedding, dispense her medication and make breakfast. That’s just the first hour. I’m pretty much anchored to her all day and all night.”

Is a goal a good idea ? Find a cure by 2020? #ENDALZ

I have read a lot of articles on goal setting. Almost all of them have been written by folks that are in favor of setting goals. Most agree that if you apply a name to something you want and a target date, or maybe a numerical value to it, your mind will start you in the direction, or the course, that you have set. Most, also agree, if you persist, you will normaly achieve the goal.

I remember when John F. Kennedy set a goal for putting a man on the moon. I did not think a lot about it then, but I have lately. Did it help? Did it create a sense of urgency? I know we did put a man on the moon.

Should we have a goal, with a date attached to it. for a major breakthrough in finding a cure for alzheimers disease or should the goal be for raising a certain amount of money, within a certain amount of time?

I am not an expert in anything, but I have achieved some goals that I, at first, did not think were possible.


About alzheimers disease. #ENDALZ

It wasn’t a happy Thanksgiving at all, not for me at least.  I wasn’t hoping for a happy day.  I don’t hope for Dad to get better either.  I would never let myself hang on to such a ridiculous idea.  All I know is that things are not supposed to happen like this.  I shouldn’t be losing my Dad any time soon.  He shouldn’t be leaving us before he’s really gone.  It’s not fair.  There is nothing I can do about that though.  All I can do is visit him again and hug him again and spend time with him and walk away when I’m done.  Again and again and again.  This is all I can do until… well… until I can’t.