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Amicalola Falls State Park. The last day of 2013 #ENDALZ

On the stairs a long time today. I wore my bright colored shirt, some affectionately call it “Gaudy” I like that. I wore my bright colored cap. I ran and jogged and walked on the stairs a lot.

I had a lot of people stop me and talk with me about what I was doing. They noticed mainly the writing on the back of the shirt. It says “Running for Alzherimer’s”

A few of them shared their alzheimer’s stories with me. I listened. That means a lot to me.

I gave out some cards and some bracelets today. They have the phone number on them. The phone number is the number at the Alzheimer’s Association, that peope can call for help concerning alzheimer’s disease.

1-800-272-3900   Anytime


When I don’t kn…

When I don’t know what to do, I run, so I run a lot !

Jack Fussell

New Years Eve. #ENDALZ

In the North Georgia Mountains with my daughter Amy, and her family. It snowed last night, although non stuck. It was pretty.


Monday, December 30th 2013. #ENDALZ

Heading north to the mountains. Getting some fresh air. Getting some exercise.

Fighting alzheimers disease !!


An awesome young man designed this

This was for the Across the Land Journey from January 12th until August 26th in 2013


Tomorrow I start on the stairs. #ENDALZ

Tomorrow, I will be heading to Amicalola Falls State Park to do a lot of stairs for a lot of days….

Another death with Alzheimers disease. #ENDALZ

On my run/jog and walk to Eatonton, Georgia a young runner came out to find me to thank me for my Journey trying to help raise awareness and funds for the Alzheimers Association. She ran and she wore her purple shirt that told she was running for her dad.

She did not find me.

Later, when I stayed with awesome folks in Loganville, Georgia, she drove to their home to thank me and give me some nutrition to help me along my way.

Her dad passed away this morning with alzheimers disease.

I am so sorry Emily.


When we entered Mississippi



In Monterey, California





Just came in fr…

Just came in from a 5 mile jog/walk here in Canton. I sure feel blessed to be able to do this. So many people cannot. Some are taking care of children, some are taking care of sick relatives and some just can’t because of the health problems that they have.