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Insight from Seth Regan

Research Scientists may not enter the Alzheimer’s fight because they know the funding is so sporadic.

He said only 1 in 6 request for funding is granted.

The money has to start coming in a steadier flow so they know there jobs will be secured.

Watch “Senator Jerry Moran Talks to Seth Rogen and Rep. Dennis Moore During Hearing on Alzheimer’s” on YouTube


Thank you young lady


Blog post for February 28, 2014

It was a great day today. I picked up some things for a good friend.

I visited Dicks Sporting Goods and I always enjoy that place.

I talked to a couple of folks from the Alzheimer’s Association about the Seth Regan testimony before a Senate Commitee.

Planning on some awesome things for tomorrow.

Trying to help in the fight against alzheimers disease.

Thank You Donnie Jarrett

Somewhere in Arkansas this truck driver stopped and gave me a Coke and a sandwich. I was running down the road that he drove his truck back and forth on. He pulled me out of a bad thunder and lightning storm one afternoon.

Stayed in touch with me all the way to California. When I went back in the car to visit people I went to see Donnie and his wife.

He call today it was great to talk to him again. Always encouraging and always asking about my mom.


I know you are tired…..please get up

I know you are tired.....please get up


on the couch !!

on the couch !!


If you can quit, I guess we all can…..

If you can quite, I guess we all can.....

The most important number to a caregiver

If you need help concerning Alzheimer’s disease please call 1 800 272 3900 anytime

Fighting !! #ENDALZ


I’m fighting as hard as I know how to !!