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10/28/2014 almost midnight

This has been an unusual day. I was with my mom all day for almost every minute of her 86th birthday. We have had a good time. We went shopping and we had a meal at Sonny’s Bar B Que. We sat and talked and we even went on a walk. We both realize how things have changed so drastically. We never know what will happen from minute to minute but I think she assumes that one day I will be the only one left of our little family, and that worries her, for me. I accidentally overheard her on the phone and she was bragging about me.

I ran for a little bit today but not very much. I talked with my buddy Susan today and I talked with Mark.

It has been an awesome day.

I thank God for my life and for giving me choice. I want to use everything God gave me. I want to saddle up even when I’m scared. I want to affect a starfish’s life,  even if thousands of them need help. I want to live to fight another day. I want to keep going, no matter how slow. I want to Just Do It.

I want to help in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease.

Memories from Fort Pierce, Florida

I remember standing on a bridge that went over the Indian River. It was at night and it was in about 1958. We had been fishing off of the bridge using dead shrimp for bait. The temperature was perfect, it was a beautiful night, and a breeze was blowing. It was dad, mom, my brother and I.

Now I am 64, my brother and dad are gone. My mom turned 86 today. Things sure do change.

It’s been a good life.

Some stuff about mom

Mom is 86 years old. She was raised on a farm, picked cotton and they had peanuts, tobacco and corn. They had hogs and cows.  She has lost her mom, dad, 9 brothers and sisters, two husbands and one son. She smiles and laughs and gets aggravated sometimes, but not much. What an example she has been. Last year she drove from Valdosta Georgia to Monterey California to pick me up. What’s an example I have had in front of me all these years. Maybe I’ve not noticed like I should have.


Mom and I talked

She seems to really understand what I’m trying to do. She’s concerned about my health. She’s worried about the heat and cold and her son. She understands that it is about trying to make a difference.

This is important to me, raising awareness and helping caregivers and raising money to help find a cure for alzheimer’s. 

10/28/2014 morning

Up late today. 7:00 am

I went out on the porch and it is foggy in Valdosta.


My mom showed up in a minute. 86 years old today.


9 days until this old fella heads out on a trip.


He has cancer

I spent some time this last week with a young man about 14 years younger than me. He has cancer and it is bad. He admitted immediately that he knew he should have quit smoking a long time ago. His mom is doing her best for him as a caregiver.  It is a little uncomfortable being near him long. You have to get used to it. He is trying to live. He is working with doctors with experimental treatments. Hard to watch him in pain.

He said he wishes he could run. I wish he could.

My thoughts about Advocates

They have to have a lot of patience. They have to try to get their point across but at the same time not harm the relationship. It seems to me like they have to really have a heart for what they are doing. I think they have to respect the people they are dealing with and they have to be respectable.

It seems as though patience, might be the most important, but probably being well rounded is a must.

I appreciate Advocates very much.

Thank you !!

10/27/2014 evening

At mom’s for the night. She will be 86 years old tomorrow. She has saw a lot in her life, as we all do. She sure can cook. We had steak in gravy, mashed potatoes,  green beans and sliced tomatoes. Desert is ice cream, store bought.

We will sit on her porch and talk awhile.

Heading south to see mom

I’m heading south to Valdosta, Georgia. That’s where my mother lives. Tomorrow is her birthday and she will be 86 years old.

I have 10 days left until I leave, heading west to help alzheimers caregivers and make sure that our grandchildren do not have to worry about this disease.

We have to find a cure and we have to help caregivers now.

From January 2013

I, of course, will never forget that day. Heading out to fight alzheimer’s disease, the best I knew how. It was a good trip.


We headed west. I had a long ways to go.

Two of my grandchildren and I, on opening day .