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I remember what people used to say

He or she have gotten so mean lately. I don’t understand them.

He or she is doing everything they can to make my life miserable.

I know my mom is faking it.

All kinds of things people used to say and maybe still do, that had never heard of alzheimer’s disease. They would be talking about their parents or their spouses most of the time.

This is a tough and serious disease. I have never been a caregiver but I have talked to over 4000 caregivers now, both paid and unpaid.

10/31/2014 evening

It’s been a good day. Early meeting at the Atlanta, Georgia office of the Alzheimer’s Association. Very productive and meaningful. We made an awesome commitment to each other.

Next a wonderful visit to REI in Kennesaw, Georgia.  Purchased my bike and the accessories I will need.

Received a call from an Alzheimer’s chapter for a conference call Monday.

On to my daughter’s house to help with trick or treating. 

A lady visiting my daughters neighbor, saw the signs on the Bobomobile. She told me she had a connection with that terrible disease.

I will be in Holly Springs, Georgia tonight.

Been a good day and it still is.

Car, run, bike explained

Put the bike out, lock it up

Drive the car out ?? miles. Lock it up.

Run, jog and walk back to the bike.

Pedal the bike back to the car.

Their ya go…..lotsa laughs

REI, Kennesaw, Georgia

I purchased a bike, a bike rack, a helmet and a lock. The young lady that helped me was just that, very helpful. I think she has a lot of patience.

Young lady, if you read this, know that I appreciate your help. The man in the bike shop was helpful also.

Angela Bolton (the manager) was off today.

The bike and me




The Times Courier, Ellijay, Georgia


Car, run and then bike…..

I am going across the land with the Bobomobile a mountain bike, and my feet.

I will do every foot on foot.

Thanks Kathy Simpson

She is with the Alzheimers Association in Atlanta, Georgia. She has taught me a tremendous amount in a very short time. This is the shirt she gave to me.
She taught advocacy to me.


My meeting at the Alzheimer’s Association

I met with several folks that are with the Atlanta Chapter. It was a great meeting and it was good to see them all again.

Andrea Mickelson, Dave Houston, and Amy Johnston were with me. I also got to speak with Leslie Gregory and Kathy Simpson.

We are all trying to help in the fight with alzheimer’s disease.



10/30/2014 evening

14 pretty easy miles today. I did about 6 of them with Charity Miles for the Alzheimers Association.

Spent some time today with Susan Riblet and with Mark and Janice Lein.

It was great being back at Amicalola Falls today.

This was a good day today and it still is.