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Charity Miles Report !!


Team #acrosstheland has traveled 1,644.028 miles since the team started. We have 25 members.

11/30/2014 blog post

Up at 6:30 am. Oatmeal and fruit for breakfast. We (Ryan and I) drove to the place I wanted to finish up. Parked one car there and drove to yesterday’s stopping point. Removed the stroller (denny) from the trunk and put all of the gear in it. Ryan headed home and I put on the Ipod and started pushing Denny.
The temperature was mild,  about 40 degrees, no wind and cloudy. The temperature quickly rose to the mid fifties and the sky turned blue.

I went through Kennesaw College and took these three pictures.




Ryan came out and brought Subway.


This is a picture of some of my daughter’s friends. I ran by their restaurant.


I noticed this sign, telling of an assisted living unit to be built here soon.


During the first few miles of the run today, a large group of cyclists noticed me and gave me some thumbs-up and waves. It’s a good feeling, when that happens. Encouraging !!

15 . 77 miles today. I feel good. I am going to rest a bit and then plan for tomorrow.

Help for caregivers in Holly Springs

I think I am seeing more of these places popping up. It’s at least something to check into.


11/29/2014 blog post

Got up around 6:30 am. Had some breakfast. Sat around a few minutes and headed to the spot I wanted to finish up. Parked the car and rode on with Ryan to my starting point. Loaded Denny up and took this picture of Ryan and Denny.


I took off running,  jogging and walking with Denny, and Ryan headed home.

These folks ask about my journey. She had an alzheimers connection.


I arrived at the finish point. I loaded Denny up and headed to Holly Springs, Georgia.

This was a very good day. It’s a good feeling to be running in an area I know so well.

Lots of waves and some horn blowing today. I appreciate that.

FSU or Gators

I met an awesome young family outside REI in Kennesaw Georgia. They had mixed t-shirts, part Florida Gators and part Florida State Seminoles. They had a very little one and the mom said he had already committed to being a gator. Very nice folks.

Why can’t I do it ?

Why can’t I be a part of helping in the fight against alzheimer’s disease?

Why can’t I help caregivers,  find help?

Why can’t I talk with legislators and give them my point of view?

Why can’t I raise money to help the Alzheimer’s Association, help people?

I can. I have been and I will continue!

Charity Miles team #acrosstheland

25 people on the team now. Thank you team and thank you Charity Miles. Raising money for the Alzheimer’s Association.


Decision’s made today !!

The bike is history. The bike rack is history. The bike helmet is history.

The car (bobomobile) will be with me all the way to Monterey,  California. If it were to pass away, I will get the stroller out, load it up and continue heading West !!

Only 3,380 miles to go.

Give Back !!

Life isn’t about the destination! It’s about what you did during the Journey. So Laugh, Love, Share, Inspire, Lead, Appreciate, and give back!

Nishan Panwar

I am giving back. I have been helped by others ever since, and including the day I was born. (me)

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