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Man runs across country supporting Alzheimer’s Association |


Me and my dad


Donating her brain

I got involved in a very minor way, for the first time, with someone wanting to donate their brain for study. She has Alzheimers disease and her three children are looking into doing this. They called me and I called Dr Steve Barger at the University of Arkansas Medical School in Little Rock, Arkansas. He gave me contact information for them at Emory Hospital in Atlanta Georgia. I passed it on to them. What a huge decision.

December 31, 2014 blog post

Ran with my buddy Susan Riblet in North Georgia this morning. I’m going to miss that young lady.

Headed back to Holly Springs, Georgia.

Went a little bit on the bike and then ran about 4 more miles.

Here is a picture of how I will get across America.


A young man in Ryan’s neighborhood stopped and gave me this. He said it look like I could use it. He told me to have a good life.


Ryan and I had dinner at a Mexican restaurant.

Two more nights here and then gone for a long long time. I will be raising awareness and money for the Alzheimers Association.

Hey, you Alzheimer’s Association

This is for you. You are an awesome association. The mission you picked for yourself is very important. Millions of people need your help. You have a big job, and you have a huge responsibility.

God bless your efforts.

What I am doing, in the only way I know how, is trying to help you folks.

God bless our efforts.

December 31st morning run

Ran with Susan Riblet in Ellijay, Georgia. The starting temperature was around 32 degrees with some cloud cover. We went around seven and a half to eight miles. I felt more in control today than I have in awhile. I was a little bit stronger . I walked on the concrete and jogged on the asphalt and the grass. I will run one more day with this young lady, and then head west.

December 30th, 2014 blog post

Started off early in Ellijay, Georgia. Running with Susan Riblet. We will not be doing much more of that. I will run with her Wednesday morning and Thursday morning. After that I will be running alone.

I headed back to Holly Springs, Georgia. Got some rest. Took a couple of pictures.


Did some bicycling today on the Charity miles application for the Alzheimer’s Association.

I’ve been doing a little bit after dark.


Two more nights I will be in Georgia. On Friday morning I will head back to the Scottsboro / Huntsville area and continue my trip across America to raise awareness and money for the Alzheimer’s Association.

Watch “Heading back to Alabama” on YouTube

Heading back to Alabama:

A research idea!!

Can you imagine a bunch of research scientists sitting around together for a few days, talking and listening about what is going on in their field of research. I have heard this talked about a few times. Can you just imagine sometimes the possibility of one of those moments where somebody realizes something they know can help another scientist move on and maybe find a cure. That sounds pretty awesome to me. I really believe we have the talent and the machinery but not the money. We need more money for research, for Alzheimers disease.

You are not alone

There are so many ideas now that help people that are dealing with Alzheimers disease. So much has been learned about how to make a caregivers
life better. I just hope caregivers know where to look and how to look to find it. Learning new things is a great part of life. The Alzheimers Association can help so much in this area.