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Still heading back to Denver in the car. Went back to see my mom because she fell. She will be 87 years old on October 28th. She will be okay.

I went 470 miles in the car today. The signs for the Alzheimer’s Association were prominently displayed. A lot of folks saw those signs today.

I stopped in Amarillo for a short visit with Tracy. She is with the Alzheimer’s Association Amarillo Chapter. Their blondes verses brunettes game is soon.

I ended up in Raton, New Mexico for the night. Cute little place.

I received a phone call from Trudy at the National Office of the Alzheimer’s Association in Chicago. She said they want to interview me and they wanted my permission. I told her that would be fine.

I firmed up my meeting at the Alzheimer’s Association Chapter in Denver for tomorrow morning at 10:30 am. I’m looking forward to that.

Still thinking a little about Noah Coughlan crossing America for rare diseases. I met him day before yesterday outside of Morrilton, Arkansas.

I wish so many times I could get the stroller out of the car, store the car somewhere and go the rest of the way with just me and my stroller.


I began my day in Morrilton, Arkansas. I had breakfast with members of a local running club. I said my so longs to the people at Brookridge Cove Rehabilitation and Care Center.

I headed west, in my car to Fort Smith, Arkansas and had lunch at Fianna Hills Nursing Home. I visited with Janessa Baker. She is an occupational therapist there.

I drove on over to Oklahoma where I will spend the night at the home of a friend.

About my shoes
I wore one pair of shoes for over 1500 miles. I changed them when I noticed the cleats were wore off in important places.

Some information about Jonas Saulk.
Salk died at age 80 on June 23, 1995. A memorial at the Institute with a statement from Salk captures his vision: “Hope lies in dreams, in imagination and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality.”

A cousin of mine died when she was 3 years old. She had polio. I remember taking the vaccine in a sugar cube.

I Run, jog, walk and drive for the Alzheimer’s  Association.


Left Decatur, Alabama and plotted a course for Brookridge Assisted Living in Morrilton, Arkansas.

On the way I visited with two long time supporters, Donnie and Dawne Jarrett. They live just west of Forrest City. Dawne was an alzheimers caregiver. It was rewarding she says and tough at the same time. Donnie helped her when he could.

I was west of Conway, Arkansas and saw Noah Coughlan beside the road with his stroller and . He is Running across America to raise awareness about rare diseases. It was great to meet him. This is his third time crossing America.
You can follow him on Facebook and look at his website at

Arrived at Brookridge to a very warm welcome. Had a great dinner with one of the residents.

Slid into my Running clothes and took off. Logged about 6 miles. Sprinkling a little and lil bit cool.

I Run for the Alzheimer’s Association.


The views from North Georgia to Decatur, Alabama bring back a lot of memories. The always beautiful North Georgia Mountains and into the flat areas of North Alabama.

Wilson and I remember it well. Didn’t know it at the time, but peace of mind, no matter how brief, was ours.

I am heading back to Colorado after going home to see about my mom.

Tonight I will spend the night with Valerie and John near Decatur, Alabama.

This has been a good day.

I Run for the Alzheimer’s Association!


Ready to navigate towards “my west” tomorrow morning. I repacked the car. Wilson had a chance to stretch his wheels.


Lots of thoughts in my head right now. I know I love Running in the mountains. I know I love raising awareness for the Alzheimer’s Association. I have a lot of Awesome ideas.
Doing a lot of thinking today, feeling good.



I traveled north early to Amicalola Falls State Park. The forecast called for rain intermittently and cloudy skies. We had the cloudy skies but no rain. I welcomed the no rain part. Running in the rain is okay, but it keeps the number of people that want to speak to me concerning alzheimer’s down. So most of the time, for that reason, I prefer no rain.

I Ran on the paved road, the stair system and the single track. 21 miles today. It felt like the old days. I felt good.

I met this couple, they have plans to section hike the Appalachian Trail. He enjoys Running in marathons. I’m not sure what he does for a living, but he knew a lot about diabetes.


I happened up on a couple on the Approach Trail. H.e is a member of the Georgia Appalachian Trail Conservancy. He is responsible for the maintenance of a portion of the Appalachian Trail.


This young lady lived in Maine and has hiked on the Appalachian Trail there. She lives here now. She’s getting in some miles on this end.


Both of the folks in this picture work in the field of gerontology.
The one on the right is a doctor and the one on the left is a nurse practicioner. We spoke about alzheimers disease.


Mark and Janice Lein showed up for a visit. They built this website and maintain it. They wear a lot of hats in this endeavour.


All of the folks in these pictures are working at staying fit.
My thoughts
Sometimes it seems like at every turn, you’re telling me I’m doing something wrong. You just keep on and on with it. You may be a lot smarter than me, but I promise you I will not quit. I will listen to what you say and look at what you show me, but I will never quit. Sometimes, you seem to do it simply because we don’t do it your way.

Life … you throw a lot at us, but we Keep Going! That’s what we do. We even have Fun. We Finish Strong!



still in Georgia. Waiting to find out if mom will require surgery before heading back to the Wild West (Denver)

Will Run some serious miles at Amicalola Falls State Park this Saturday and Sunday.

Hope to see some folks I enjoy. Roll with the punches, I say. Enjoy this life.

Ran in Canton, Georgia today. It was good. Lots of miles. Gentle hills and lots of sidewalks. Ran, Jogged and Walked. Also smiled and waived at some awesome folks.

Ran at the YMCA on the river. Some single track, asphalt road and grass. Feeling good. Mostly flat. I don’t do much of that. It was fun.

He has lost 44 lbs..

When I left the area in January he weighed 244 lbs. Now he weighs 180 lbs. My son in law Todd.


13,000 miles for the Alzheimer’s Association

I started around the first of June in 2012 with shirts and some cards. I was training at Amicalola Falls State Park in North Georgia. People would stop me and want to know what I was training for. I told them I would be Running across America to raise awareness for the Alzheimer’s Association. Here, in April 2015, still going because nothing has been resolved. Awareness still needs to be raised.

In Fact, is the “footer” upon what the whole building has to sit upon.

Unthinkable ages of caregivers

The average age of a caregiver to a person with Alzheimer’s disease is 48 years old. (Alzheimer’s Association)

18% of children 8 to 18 years old provide unpaid care for someone (Alzheimer’s Association)