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My talk with a caregiver at the Cracker Barrel

I had just finished my run, jog and walk and was standing next to one of their rocking chairs. She walked up and wanted to know what the bright shirt with the word alzheimers on the back of it was for. I explained what I was doing, raising awareness about the disease. She looked very tired. I asked her if she has any alzheimers disease in her family. She said she did. I could tell she was having a hard time controlling her emotions. I smiled a fatherly type smile to her and told her I was sorry that she did. That gesture took her past her limit and she started to cry. I asked her to sit down in one of the rockers and I sat in the one next to her. I asked if she would mind telling me about it.

She is from North Carolina and is heading to Florida to stay with her sister for a week, then she will head home and start the long process of putting her life back together. Her son ran out of hope about eight years ago and took his life. Her mother was diagnosed with dementia and finally alzheimers disease. The diagnosis for dementia came a few months after her son passed. Her own health has declined drastically. The reason for the trip to Florida is try to start repairing her relationship with her sister. Her sister did not help with the caregiving. She never knew about the Alzheimer’s Association until today. She said her friends all slowly went away and she does not really blame them. She said every time she got near them all she would talk about were her problems. She gained about 40 lbs. and has a host of health problems. She said she has a lot of guilt from things she thought while taking care of her momma. (that’s what she called her)

She said she needed to go. She thanked me for listening and for doing what I am doing. I gave her a card with my web site on it and the Alzheimer’s Association helpline phone number. I told her to think about calling them about any of what happened, especially the guilt part. She gave me a hug.

7.31.2015 blog post

Beautiful weather, good shoulders, awesome drivers and folks stopping what they are doing and speaking with me. Running doesn’t get much better than this.

Animals I see out there. I could write an entire blog post about them, but I’ll try not to. They actually seem very curious. I speak with them on occasion. Do they understand?  …….

Spoke with several Alzheimer’s Association staff members today. I phoned them to say hello.

I’ll call the other offices Monday.

I am raising awareness for the Alzheimer’s Association. This is a Super Crazy way to do that.

My Facebook page is across the land 2015.

Amy – Matt took this picture for me


He also gave me a cold bottle of water. What a beautiful place

My current activity. ….

I am currently traveling through all 159 counties in the state of Georgia to raise awareness for the Alzheimer’s Association. I started this trip on July 20th, 2015.


Watch “Across the Land 2015” on YouTube

7.30.2015 blog post

at my daughter Amy’s last night. She drove me out to GA 20 and the Lake Allatoona Bridge this morning. (the pick up point Tuesday) Not much paved shoulder today. Combine that with lots of traffic in both directions, and it makes for some slow going. Two funeral processions passed me today. I stop and remove my cap.


Started late because someone overslept. Clear blue skies and temps between 85 and 95 degrees. The humidity was around 40 %. Lots of sweating going on and lots of drinking.

I entered Bartow County.


Amy and the kids picked me up today and we had lunch at a mexican restaurant just outside BridgeMill in Canton.

Almost forgot, I had a flat on the left rear tire. I have the slime in them. I spun the tire around a bit to distribute the slime and used my hand pump to fill it with air and all is well. Their was one section of road that had no shoulder. I had to navigate down a dirt trail for a bit.


I enjoy managing my resources.

Lots of folks blew horns and waved today. That could be because of the newspaper article yesterday.

Management is key …..

Lots of miles to cover on foot. Lots of food needed to replace burnt calories. Need a lot of water. Need power for the phone. Need to set up as much media as possible to help spread awareness. Need to listen to folks that want to share information with me. Need to talk to the ones wanting to know what I have heard. Need to keep clothes and me as clean as possible. Need to listen to my body. Need to visit family and friends when possible. Need to keep learning about alzheimers. Need to keep going. Gotta keep going. This IS important stuff, this raising awareness.

The Dazer 2 dog deterrent

I have used one of these many times. I purchased a new one because I misplaced the original one. You point it at the dog and push the button for 1 to 2 seconds. The dog can hear it at approximately 20 feet but it works best at 5 to 15 feet. No harm comes to the animal from the noise, but it can startle them so you have to use it a safe distance from traffic.

Worked every time I used it.


Cherokee Tribune – Across the land Man jogging to 159 counties to raise awareness money for disease–Man-jogging-to-159-counties-to-raise-awareness–money-for-disease?instance=lifestyle

How will I get over the bridge.

Some bridges are rough. They are the big boys. Long with no walkway, or the walkway is to narrow for Wilson to fit. Combine that with constant traffic in both directions and you got yourself a dangerous scenario. I will flag someone down and chat with them a few minutes. If it feels right, I will ask them if I can put the stroller in their vehicle and then run across without it. Then put the stroller back together and keep going. Every Foot on Foot Matters !!

Gotta use your head. Taking a chance with my life is one thing, but I will never make that choice for another person.

Lots of support out here.

Here is a couple of pictures of a narrow and busy bridge. On this one my daughter drove her Jeep across the bridge with Wilson in the back. I ran across alone.