7.18.2015 blog post – at Amicalola Falls today

I drove from Holly Springs to Amicalola Falls early this morning. The breakfast buffet was on my mind. During the time I was enjoying breakfast my friend Mark was driving to the park from Roswell, GA. Just a few minutes after I finished breakfast Mark arrived and we left the lodge for our walk and talking session. We went head on into this beautiful group of folks. The young lady next to me in this picture noticed my shirt. On the back it says ” for alzheimers” … She asked me what that entailed. I explained my mission to her. She listened intently. She then told me she had a connection to the disease and had been a caregiver.


When you visit Amicalola Falls go towards the camp ground and take a right on High Shoals Rd. Travel about a mile to High Shoals Baptist Church. The door is never locked.


We turned around at the church and walked back to where we started, at the lodge. We went in the lobby to talk and cool down. While we were talking a friend of ours came in. Her name is Andrea and she does a lot of backpacking. It was good to see her. I talked them both in to letting me have this picture taken.


The lady on the left in the picture below is always encouraging. I appreciate her. She introduced me to the other lady. These two were here to sample the buffet.


This is a picture of a group from Kennesaw College in Kennesaw, Georgia. Mark and I had witnessed their arrival in their bus. They spoke with me and I explained my mission to them. I asked if they would mind having this picture taken and they did not mind.


We had lunch and Mark headed home. I walked a little more. I still feel a little tired from doing to many miles recently. I soon packed up things and headed towards to the house.

Mark and I talked a lot today. We talked about my trip around Georgia. We talked about losing friends as they pass away.

I focus on alzheimers disease. I read everything I have time to read about it. I narrow my focus a little more and try to learn what I can do or say that might help caregivers. That gives me purpose and keeps me going.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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