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How I lost weight….

Most Importantly
I found motivation. A reason. The reason was I did not want to die. It was my fault, no one else, that I was so large, for so long.

1800 calorie food pyramid diet.

30 minutes of aerobics Monday, Wednesday and Friday

30 minutes of light resistance Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday  (dumbbells)

Took off Sundays

75% of calories consumed before one o’clock

No eating after 6:30 pm


Lost the weight at age 51

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About research dollars

I was reading last night where experts are estimating it could cost around $2 billion dollars a year to find a cure for alzheimer’s by 2025. That’s $20 billion dollars. The National Alzheimer’s Plan calls for a cure by 2025.

If that’s correct the $300 – $350 million increase trying to work it’s way through congress may be better, than ever before, but not even close, to what we need.

When folks are asking for $2 billion dollars and you get $300 – $350 million, that has not been made law, it’s not a time for anything but a small, short celebration. Celebrate the increase, that is still not law, if you will, and then move forward.

With so little money spread out among so many folks, I hope their is a lot of collaboration among research scientists.

The normal Amicalola Falls run

I was out a little earlier than usual yesterday, and ended up being there before some of the staff.

Running up and down mountains is hard. Yesterday at Amicalola Falls State Park I put in about 22 miles. Nearly one half of those were uphill.

My lunch was almost all fruit. Breakfast had been oatmeal and fruit. I stayed well hydrated.

I did not spectate at all. I participated all day.

The run went really well – better than I expected, with perfect weather.

I park at the top and head to the stairs and go pretty fast to the visitor center. I always spend a little time at the visitor center for the “alzheimers cause” and then head across from the visitor center and up the 1.2 mile paved road. At the lodge I spend the same “alzheimers cause” time and then head back to the stairs and go at it again. If it hits me right, I may do a little variance of this, and get on the trails, but mostly down the stairs and up the road.

How I got into this….. fighting the alzheimers fight.

I set a goal in 2001. The goal was a very loose goal. It was to lose weight and change the aspects of my life that were causing me stress. The bleeding ulcer and the 4 day stay in ICU was an eye opener. I decided that when I did go, that I will have did my best not to.

I worked on that for 5 – 6 years. In 2006, or thereabouts, I set 5 new goals. Those goals took me until sometime in 2011 to complete. I found myself without a major goal for the first time in several years. I felt empty. I sat, thought, and prayed and talked with folks.

One evening it came to me. I would run across America. I decided to call friends to tell them. The second person I called asked me “what charity are you doing it for”. I had not even thought of that, but instantly I said the words “for alzheimer’s”.

So it was not a conscious deep seated conviction. Over time, it became one. As I met the people involved, things grew in my heart. I saw a tremendous need. I had no real good idea about how to help, but I knew I could.

I knew I would be strong enough to take the heat from the fight and also from the mistakes I would make along the way. I knew I could stand toe to toe, maybe unprepared in some cases but willing to stand there.

Thanks Helen. ….

Got an awesome message this morning from a caregiver. She spoke of her experiences and her feelings.

I think caregiving can be both hard and rewarding.

August 29th, 2015 blog post

Great day for awareness. Lots of folks spoke with me about alzheimers. They had seen the car, with the signs, and my shirt.

I spoke with some concerning the need to touch base with our lawmakers and ask for help from them.

Today was technically a day off from “around georgia”

Lots of fun miles on the stairs and the paved road. It was fun.

No current caregivers spoke with me.

Past ones did and folks that have kin or friends that are currently caregivers.

The kindness of people …..

One thing that continually makes me emotional is the kindness of strangers.

So much of that at the park today.

The mailman had driven the mail up to the lodge. On his way down he saw me struggling up the road. He pulled over to the edge of the road and handed me an ice cold bottle of water.

Later in the day another young man, in a jeep, with his grandfather, stopped and handed me a bottle of water.

Several folks stopped on each of my 5 trips up the road, to see if I needed a ride.

I can’t even count the folks, on the stairs, that encouraged me. They said things, they clapped, they gave me thumbs up and a couple gave me fist bumps.

One lady said “please don’t ever stop”

Beautiful shoes with colorful shoe laces

A very young and awesome lady spoke with me today. Her older sister and mother were with her.

She wanted to let me know she liked my shirt. I told her that I liked her shoes.

We all chatted.

I told her I would blog about her. Here it is little girl. Here is the post.

One other thing. When I ran up the stairs, I heard something behind me. I looked back and it was her, running every step with me.

Little girl, you, your sister and your mom are all awesome.

Ran into these two ladies several times

We spoke of my weight loss and alzheimers disease. I enjoyed the conversation very much.


At Amicalola Falls State Park