A short walk down High Shoals Rd

Mark and I ran into each other at the top of the falls parking lot. He was chatting with two folks about the park.

We headed down the East Ridge Trail. We both held back and we decided to go elsewhere. The East Ridge Trail is extremely rocky for about the first 1/4 mile. The rocks are not enjoyable.

We headed back across the top of the falls and headed to High Shoals Rd. We went out into the forest. We had gone about 1/2 mile and Mark stuck his hand out to stop me. It was an extremely beautiful copperhead. It was in the road. We knew it would not be safe there. We looked around, found a stick and picked up the snake and moved it out of harms way. He possibly might have went back out in the road after we left, but we did our part.

We kept a watch and turned around when we knew we would end up back at the lodge at the perfect time for lunch.

We had a great lunch, with great conversation, and then Mark headed home.

We didn’t run, didn’t jog, we walked.

Amicalola Falls State Park in North Georgia

August 21st 2015

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