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Wednesday, September 30th, 2015 blog post

14,500 miles for the total project in 1214 days

Got a lot on my mind. I appreciate the input from all over as to what I could do to raise awareness to a newer level.

The last couple of days I have had a huge amount of faith put in my abilities.  Some of your thoughts sound exciting.

I will turn 65 years old on October 8th. So what huh ?

Really, I appreciate the input from all. I have been getting a lot of text and messages from you awesome folks.

Doing a lot of thinking. I need some balance. I have family and I have this. Struggling right now. I never want to sit down or give in to my age. I will figure it out.

Actually, these are exciting times for me.

I have grown and I don’t want to give in to my age. It’s just a number.

The last day of September, 2015

Up at 4:45 am to head back to the north Georgia mountains.

Had a good time with mom and my extended family in Roberta, Georgia.

Got my new sign for the stroller. It has the helpline phone number on it.

Looking forward to tomorrow morning and meeting Mark Lein at Amicalola Falls State Park and covering a few miles with him.

Things are going well. Staying excited about what is coming up soon.

On October the 10th I will attend the Walk to End Alzheimer’s event in Albany, Georgia. We will be raising awareness and money for the Alzheimer’s Association.

Positive outlook is great if we work and are honest along with it.

I have known many people with positive attitudes. I have known people with unbelievable enthusiasm. I have never been able to link that to the quantity of work they were hired to do.

I have known people that were very quiet and have never been able to link that to the quantity of work they were hired to do.

I have witnessed people working hard from both places and people goofing off from both places.

I have noticed if you constantly pound on a society about remaining positive, problems can’t be brought up. Problems that are hindering quantity or quality. If you bring problems up, you’re accused of being negative. If you getting ready to go over a waterfall you did not know about, it is not negative to bring that up, it is life saving.

So many motivational speakers are all about adrenaline. Adrenaline disappears pretty fast and the stuff is still there. The tire still needs changing.

We need some cures for some diseases. I am told if we find some, their will be links to others.

I want him to know that I care about what he cares about

“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me”

Erma Bombeck

20 billion $$ for a cure for alzheimers disease

Folks, I’m gonna tell you. Their are estimates out there for a cure being found for alzheimers. The estimate is 20 billion$$. Two billion a year for the next ten years. We may get 25% of the two billion in the coming year.

We gotta raise awareness.

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015 blog post

14,492 miles for the total project in 1213 days

Mom made another awesome breakfast. Eggs, grits, toast, sausage, coffee and orange juice. We chatted as we ate.

I went out for 3 miles on some dirt roads.

Mom and I chatted some more. I took a nap.

I went out for 3 more miles around town.

A mama cat and two kittens showed up at mom’s house this morning.

Patience is a virtue. Long drawn out fight with alzheimers disease.

We gotta find a cure and to do that we need money. We gotta raise awareness.

An epiphany for Jack (me)

I have noticed on occasion the last few weeks, that I have been down. I haven’t felt as good as usual.

Backtracking a minute; I made a conscious decision a couple of months ago to change hats. I decided to be less of a runner, jogger and walker, and more of a real advocate. I have slowed my pace drastically, as far as covering miles and increased the time I spend speaking with alzheimers patients, caregivers and Veterans. I also increased the amount of time reading the thoughts of caregivers, on the internet.

Three very close friends have spoken to me about the change in me. I think last night I confronted the reality of it.

My first thought was that listening to all of the sad stories and seeing the sadness is more than I know how to handle at this particular moment. My second thought was how much I do enjoy my running, jogging and walking and getting big miles done.

My next thought was that I was experiencing, in a very, very small way what some folks experience every day, for years, and have no choice.

I will get better at this. I will pump my miles back up. I will continue to listen. I will be stronger. I promise, I can handle this.

I will handle it. I have not stopped in 40 months. I have struggled, but have never stopped !!

Watch ““I’m Not Gonna Miss You,” performed by Tim McGraw OSCARS 2015” on YouTube

L – Dopa – the awakening

I was speaking with a psychologist last night and she brought up the movie “The Awakening” and L – Dopa. (true story)

We then spoke of Anti-Inflammatory Drugs and alzheimers disease.

She spoke of the different areas of the brain and why she thinks music therapy does what it does.

Fascinating stuff. No way I could type what all she said.

Please Google these subjects if you want to know more.