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My ride back to the car

I had just turned around to head several miles back to the car. Someone shouted and asked if I needed a bottle of water. I did and they ended up taking me back to the car.


The lady on the left had an alzheimers connection, keyword being had. She drove me to my car. Her and her husband, on her left, like to help folks. The two on the right were very encouraging to me.

Where is your faith Jack?

On the phone with a close buddy. He asked how far I would go today. I told him that I have to keep in mind that I probably will have to walk back to the car. He exclaimed:

“have faith Jack. Before you start walking back or hitchhiking, stop for a moment and asked God for his help. Ask him if their is any reason he wouldn’t help you to please let you know and tell him you will try and fix it. Have faith Jack”

I did that. I prayed that prayer.

Some travelers I met

Henry as discussed today.

Met a man walking 21 miles a day because his daughter had died at age 21

Met a guy riding a bicycle in north Georgia for his, I think his 4th year. Never said why.

Met a man driving a covered wagon pulled by two mules. Had been doing it for years.

Met a lot of young, strong bicycle riders.

Met a guy going barefooted across America.

Met a guy raising awareness concerning rare disease.

Met a guy walking from Chicago to Atlanta for alzheimers.

Met a man riding his horse across America.

Mom called about the bicycle man

Mom called after reading of Henry. She said she was glad I spoke with him. Said she can’t imagine not having any family. She says she knows it held down my miles. She said it’s not about the miles. She is right. I want to go from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and go every foot on foot. No time limit. No need for speed. It’s about people.

I met “Henry” and we talked

I was speaking with mom on the telephone. She was at Macy’s Department Store in Macon, Georgia and I was on Hwy 341 getting ready to walk to Baxley. A man rode by me on a Bicycle. It wasn’t just a regular run of the mill one. It had saddle bags and a small pole with an American flag attached. I told ma about him and asked if she minded that I go talk with. She approved.

I caught up with him and asked if he had time to speak. He said he had all the time in the world.

He rode a Portal bicycle. The saddlebags made me think he may have been a long distance traveler. It was chilly and we sat in the sun just off of the highway.

He is 73 years old and has been peddling all over America for 11 years. He tries to always be going to new places. The last of his kin folks passed away about 13 years ago.

The bike he was riding is fairly new. He saved for it. He has had a few.

No phone he said. Who would I call? Who would call me?

His only brother died in a sawmill accident as a child. His mom and dad have been gone a long time.

His health, he says he does not remember being sick.

Said he never has problems with folks. He never starts conversations but loves it when others do.

He says he is seeing America and hopes to see a lot more.

I asked to take a picture and he said no. I want my life to be mine, he added.

He appreciates my mission. I told him of it.

I didn’t want to leave Henry. It was hard. I asked if he needed money and he patted me on the back and said no. He said he gets by fine on his monthly social security income.

Henry gave me hug and rode towards the east. We spoke for 2.5 hours. It was a great time for me.

I will not forget him.

May be seeing early signs . . . . .

We chatted beside the road. His mom has had some serious health issues recently and he thinks he is noticing some possible beginnings of dementia. I gave him a card with the helpline phone number on it.

Remember :

If you need help concerning alzheimers disease, please call 1.800.272.3900 at anytime. The phone call will be answered by a trained counselor for the Alzheimer’s Association.

Another task for me

Instead of asking someone to come to south Georgia and pick up my car, I am doing it. This morning I parked it, walked west, turned around and came back to the car, thumb out as I walked. 9 miles covered for my journey. I walked 13 miles total. So my hitchhiking carried me 5 miles and I met two nice folks.


I forgot to ask the lady that picked me up for a picture. The ironic thing is she is a home health care worker and lives in Jesup. She knows about alzheimers.

The Bobomobile is headed towards Roberta, Georgia. I figured if Jake can hitch a ride, maybe I could too. Got the inspiration to try it from Jake.

I enjoyed this day. This is only the second time I have hitchhiked.

January 11th, 2016 blog post

This was a good day. Started moving the car towards mom’s and Jacks house. I did some hitchhiking.

Here is a picture of Hwy 341. It’s been like this for awhile.


Picture of a train track.


The rest of this trip is for mom

She turned 87 years on October 28th, 2016. She has experienced a lot. She lost her mom and dad, 12 brothers and sisters, two husbands and one of her two sons.

The rest of my trip from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean is for my mom.


This is a picture of a card she sent me.


I can’t ask her not to worry, so I will do everything I can to keep myself well and keep her informed of such.

January 10th, 2016 blog post

The days here, at dad’s, have been good, and enlightening. Spending time with family that I have not seen in years has been great for me. I realize I missed a lot by not staying in touch.

So many great memories at dad’s old home. The years have managed to change things. True for all of us right?

Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory” (I understand this)

Tomorrow, I will head towards the Pacific Ocean. I have a goal. I will state it here.

“to travel on foot from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, on foot, every step”