maybe the next really huge thing that will make planet Earth a better place to live and more of its inhabitants financially secure may be the following:

Some brilliant folks will figure out how to solve some of our biggest problems and they will design ways to solve them, and that may create a lot of jobs.

Some of the problems include, but are not limited to, incurable disease, lack of food and lack of clean water.

We also have a lot work to do, to improve the quality of life, for the years we have added to our lives. In the end, that will allow us to feel productive longer and not be a drain.

Alzheimer’s has shown us some things we have to work. We are living so much longer and we have learned about the problems associated with that, and their are many.

This is all, of course, up to God, how long we have, but just in case his time is a whole longer than we seem to expect, maybe we should plan some. He made us with the ability to.

I think we are in for big changes and exciting times.