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It was a means to an end for me, at first. To reach the level of fitness I required for myself, I need aerobic exercise 4 to 5 times each week. I was tired of popping the CD in and turning on the television. Frankly, I was also disgusted with being inside.

My running was born from that.

Folks, that should know, tell me that good cardiovascular health slows, and in some cases even prevents disease.

Dr. Kenneth Cooper has been broadcasting that for years. I have a very healthy respect for Mr. Cooper.

I love running at a 12 minute per mile pace and breaking it up with walking and stopping to, so to speak, to smell the roses.

I do however continue to keep my heart rate at 75% of my maximum, for 30 minutes, 4 times a week. The low pace is what I am counting on to keep my musculoskeletal system in good enough shape to be able to run into my 90’s. The aerobics hopefully, will help keep me healthy.

Saturday, April 30th, 2016 evening

after a somewhat long planning session with mom, and talks with family, I have decided to work on the “Around Georgia” project, from time to time. Click on the word “Menu” and then “Georgia” and read about it.

I may be able to get back east of Hazlehurst and continue on towards Columbus, Georgia, on the “Jack’s Walk Across America to End Alzheimer’s” Once more, go to the word “Menu” and then “2016” to get information about this particular project.

One more time – the Goal of “Across the Land” is to raise awareness and money for the Alzheimer’s Association.

The projects are a but a pathway to the Goal, and may be changed at anytime as our lives change.

My highest priority is mom!

alzheimer’s is not funny

when I first noticed something was different with dad, it scared me. Later when he thought I was the maintenance guy, I don’t remember laughing or smiling. When my brother and I watched dad take his last breath, I was sad. My dad was gone.

when I witnessed alzheimer’s patients struggling to be normal and finally crying, because they can’t any longer, I felt very sorry for them. I wished I could reach in and fix them.

When I hear caregivers speak of incontinence and violence, no one ever smiles at that. It’s hard to change the soiled clothing 6 – 8 times a day of your parent.

I bet you get the point.

Even before the thought of a satirical movie about alzheimer’s, I have been concerned about image or connotation of the movement to end Alzheimer’s.

When we speak of any disease, we need to think in terms of people suffering. Sometimes it is babies and sometimes it’s older folks, like me.

I’m afraid of anyone doing anything that could take the edge of off us focusing on a cure for any deadly disease.

I think you get my point. No party atmosphere when it comes to a disease that kills people.

I think I am right about this.

I read of a charity that would fly possible donors to see people starving, it was real, not made up. Time after time the donors would pledge big money and then hardly ever come through. A very seasoned fund raiser flew with them, to see if he may help. He told the Charity folks that they broke the mood as soon as they boarded the plane to come home with to much laughter and even alcohol. The Charity thought they were relaxing the situation. They later changed and things improved. No faking. They fired the fund raising team and brought in folks that did not want to lighten up “death”

why the Bobomobile?

I have 2 magnetic signs on each side.


My friend in Ellijay helped me see who took the brunt of alzheimer’s disease, besides the patient. It is the caregiver.

It is my personal opinion that the caregivers best chance for help is from the Alzheimer’s Association. The Association has a 24/7 Helpline. 1.800.272.3900

It is my personal opinion that the “Walk to End Alzheimer’s” event is awesome. This event brings a lot of caregivers out, both past and present.

Look at the photo of the car and you will see that’s what the car is all about, the Walk and the helpline.

Thousands see it when I am driving. I park it when I run, in an advantageous way. The car is a traveling billboard and has become well known.

Friday, April 29th, 2016 afternoon

It’s beautiful in Roberta, Georgia, and the temperature is 88  degrees.

Mom is doing well, but may be getting a cold.

Twitter and Facebook are both alive with discussion of the possibility of a satirical movie about President Reagan and his alzheimer’s disease. Looks like Will Farrell made a decision to skip this project.

Got in a little over 10 miles so far today, and I am drinking a lot of water.

I feel pretty good. I sure am learning a lot, about a lot.


The picture above is of a copperhead on Highway 80 that looks as if it died a couple of days ago. It’s that time of year right?

more on the 200 mile week

I believe by the end of the 4th day I knew something was up. I had never felt that bad, that weak or that nauseous. Mentally I look back and think “why“. Their were no endorsements on the line, not a big race, or any thing like that and even if that did apply, their is no way I should have kept going. I know me very well, my history, the permanent ailments I have. I have and my priorities. I am charged with the responsibility of managing my resources and I let myself down. I hope I don’t lose control and do that again. I hurt myself that week. Their was no need.

Again, to save another’s life I would disregard mine, but I will not, just because of a saying or whatever the reason was I continued.

Running is an aerobic activity and in my opinion, it helped save my safe. When I started I purchased a heart rate monitor for $35 at Wal-Mart. I wore it faithfully for a long time. I kept my heart under 50% of max, as a rule, until I lost some weight. As the weight dropped I pushed harder and let the max get to around 85%. 220 minus current age (65) = 155. The 155 is where you multiply the %.

I currently train at 75% of max. 155 X .75 = 116. I don’t let my heart rate get over 116 for very long. This I learned from the book “Aerobics for Total Well Being” written by Kenneth Cooper.

“Manage your resources Jack”

I know my body, my history and my priorities, so I will manage me.

My hopes are that I can run well into my late nineties.

I love running?

the “Walk to End Alzheimer’s” events

I have attended several of these.

I enjoy them. I enjoy seeing current caregivers, some have their patient with them, and past caregivers that continue to be a voice.

I always look forward to speaking with the Alzheimer’s Association staff and volunteers.

I enjoy the walk, and I enjoy talking with whomever I find myself near.

I enjoy being a part of an event that raises so much awareness in the community in which it is held.

I’ve witnessed tears and smiles, you know, life stuff.

Yeh, the “Walks” are awesome!

Friday, April 29th, 2016 – morning

thank you for the comments and messages concerning my posts on this website yesterday.

I read and listen to each one. Lots of knowledge out there.

A few even mentioned regrets and some rethinking I have done because of you will make it to where I don’t have as many regrets. So, thank you.

You folks are awesome. You are really Awesome!

you asked about the shoes

I wear Salomon Speed Cross 3,  Hoka, Brooks, and on occasion Inov 8.  Mostly the Salomon.They are trail running shoes, but I wear them on dirt and pavement. Sometimes I cycle through different shoes. Other times I put on a pair and don’t change until they are worn out.

I never pull the strings tight on the Speed Cross. No reason, it’s just how I do it. The others I do tie because they would be dangerous not tied.

I do care very much about having good support and grip where the rubber meets the road. I don’t want to be doing any sliding or falling.

I seem to like loud colors. It may help in some small way to raise awareness.

Thanks to the folks that asked about the shoes I wear.

Pretty cool question!

wow, what a response

thank you for the messages. Seems as though a lot of you have been through the early stages of alzheimer’s with a parent. what a horrible disease this is.

I appreciate the messages and comments concerning my posts. it helps raise awareness and we need awareness raised.

Again, thank you very much.