We had the full ships company on board the Roosevelt on a very beautiful afternoon. We were in the Mediterranean Sea. Their was no land in sight. I had just went below decks after watching flight operations.


U.S.S. Franklin D . Roosevelt, CVA - 42

Word begin coming in that we had lost a shipmate on the flight deck. Anytime that happened the mood changed instantly. Wow, it was so damn sad.

The next day we recieved word that the young man had only been on board for 2 days, and that he had been on leave to get married. It was a horrific accident.

I know if we had been in a war zone we all would have pushed through it because that would have been a necessity, but we were not and we let it affect us because we could and we cared.

When I think of this young man, it is so hard to believe it was 45 years ago.

What became of his wife? What was his name? Did he suffer long? I forgot his name, but I will not forget his story, and how important he is to us all.

Their are thousands of sailors and soldiers that died in uniform.Their are thousands of families that felt the pain.

I found these words on the internet.

Our country is in mourning, for a Sailor died today