alzheimer’s disease and dad

I heard stories of aunts and uncles that didn’t recognize family anymore. I remember thinking “how can that be?” How do you forget who someone is that you have known for so long. 

A defining moment for me occured on a visit to see dad in 2000. Others were in the room as I walked in. He had not recognized me for a few months. He saw me, he smiled and he said: “There he is, watch out for that one” His smile broadened and I thought, for just a moment, that he was back. He quickly turned to the folks in the room and said: “He does the maintenance work around here.”

As I type this now I am shook by the reality. That was the man that took me fishing, and played baseball with me, and he no longer had a memory of me. 

My dad died with alzheimer’s disease on June 30th, 2000. He was 75 years old. 

He was very proud of his military service. He was in the United States Navy and was in harm’s way often, in the South Pacific

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