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why is Route 66 so meaningful for me?

Route 66 near Texola, Oklahoma

As a child my dad, mom, brother and I traveled on U.S.Highway 1 often. U.S. 1 was constructed during the same years as Route 66. The look and feel was the same. The service stations, the motels, and the sights and sounds were similar. 

Todd and Buzz rode around in grand style in a 1962 Corvette in the series Route 66. My family watched as these two worked at odd jobs and helped people. 

My family was a unit during those much simpler times. The memories are about good times that are no longer.

In 2013 more memories were made as I walked and jogged on Route 66. 

Yeah, part of my heart will always be out there somewhere. I left Route 66 yesterday and I ache from it. Part of life is good times.

Route 66 is important to me. The folks that built it, built some great memories. I appreciate every person and all of my wonderful memories. 

we gotta excercise! 

During the last few weeks you may have heard a lot of talk about excercise and alzheimer’s. That is not a surprise. According to the Alzheimer’s Association good cardiovascular health may slow or even completely stop alzheimer’s disease. 

That’s good enough for me. I do not have any plans to stop what I am doing, and after so much information, if I didn’t excercise, I would begin. 

If it’s fun, you may do it longer

There’s something pretty darn special about exercising, especially if you can have fun with it. Remember all of those times you turned the music up and you didn’t care who might be watching. 

That is the precise reason that I enjoy jogging or speed walking and wearing my iPod.

Besides the fun, exercise can stop or slow Alzheimers disease.

hang in there buddy

I know you feel overwhelmed. I know I would be. Your mom has alzheimer’s and input is pouring in from family, friends, the facility and even Hospice. Now an ombudsman may get involved. I haven’t walked in the shoes you are in. I know your heart and you want what is best for your mom. No answers from this friend. This is to let you know I am here and I care.

research for common habits (lifestyle)

Folks all over the world are questioning newly diagnosed alzheimer’s patients and family. Notes are made and intelligent, well trained individuals are compiling a lot of useful data. This information will help in many areas of the war on a horrific disease that claims another victim every 66 seconds. 

alzheimer’s, lots of places to focus for researchers 

Focus – to concentrate on something and pay particular attention to it

If you are in route to a particular place and you have a flat tire, your focus needs to change from the destination to getting your automobile drivable, but the driving force remains the destination. The majority of focus stays there, even while changing the tire.

Some scientists are focused on finding ways to prevent alzheimer’s. Some are focused on slowing the progression. Some on reversing the affects. 

Results from each group will help other scientists move their work along.

The best this planet has to offer are at work right now!

Granny d – her husband died with alzheimer’s disease. So she walked across America – she continued 

 to speak publicly and travel the country for campaign finance reform until she passed away in 2010, six weeks after her 100th birthday. This story is an excerpt from her book, “Walking Across America in my 90th Year”

She was mentioned to me today. She walked across America. Her husband had died with alzheimer’s disease.

Google her if this interest you.  

pictures – miscellaneous 8/30/2016

taken near Sayre, Oklahoma

taken in Oklahoma. The road is overgrown for a few hundred feet

commencing the long drive back to Georgia 

At the end of my trip west, Route 66 continues on. Standing here looking towards the Pacific, Interstate 40 is to my north and I see windmills. The sun is bright. I will spin around, face east and feel sadness for a few moments. I will begin the long trip back to Georgia. I have indeed accomplished what the trip was designed for. 

met this long distance bicyclist 8/30/2016

Edward is from Amsterdam. He is celebrating his 66th birthday by pedaling from Chicago to Los Angeles on Route 66. 

His bike has a gear box and belt, no chain.