Is good health important to me? 

We are anticipating a thunderstorm

My thought process finds me focused on fitness this evening. I believe my health affects the way I handle life. When I don’t feel good, everything seems difficult. 

Aerobics, light resistance excercise, stretching and proper eating are of major importance to me. I have stood in both places. I was extremely overweight for almost 20 years and have now been considered very healthy for 15 years.

I must keep my musculoskeletal system in good shape so I can perform aerobic and resistance excercise as many years as possible. My stretching is done after I am warm and has no bounces and is not violent. 

I have read many articles that say that good health can stop or slow down most major disease. I know there are exceptions to the rule, but I will proceed with what I believe in. 

I’m not a heavy weight user. I do a lot of sets, with a lot of reps. When I traveled before, I used many different things as weights.

Most of what I did to lose 118 lbs and I continue to do, to maintain, comes from a book: “Aerobics for Total Well Being” It was written by Dr. Kenneth H Cooper. 

Roberta, Georgia 

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