me and a dog in Alabama 

The time is 7:58 pm. The sky is turning cloudy and the temperature is dropping. I hear thunder in the distance. 

In 2013 I was jogging and walking with my stroller in north Alabama. The GPS on my smartphone was indicating that I should take a small, unpaved road several miles. I did. It was paved for a bit and then it turned to dirt. I pushed up a huge incline (not really). It was a gentle uphill. Soon, I saw a small farmhouse. Their were no cars or trucks, but their was a beautiful, floppy eared hound dog in the front yard. Most of the land was set for pasture. My new friend came out and we sat beside the road and chatted. (I did most of the speaking). The time on that little road has become one of my favorite times. The dog seemed as if he had knew me forever and liked me. He was my buddy for a few minutes. I finally stood up from my resting place, said my goodbye and headed west. As I left the dog barked a couple of times. Hmm, he might have been telling me to drop by again someday. That was a good time for me.

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