some of the business side of alzheimers disease 

Speaking from the business side of alzheimers is not my cup of tea, but I will try. 

More folks than ever before find themselves in the position of needing to work as long as their health will allow. Roughly 43.5 million caregivers provided unpaid care to an adult or child in the last 12 months.(National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP). The point is made right there. The caregiver looses their income, their purchase power of goods and services dwindles. The taxes they incur drop. The cost of care of the caregiver begins to rise because of the stress involved. The taxpayers pay for some of that cost.

The cost of alzheimer’s disease to the taxpayer is rising rapidly. The figures I have seen vary from $225 billion to $250 billion annually. Estimates are that by 2050 the cost may be near $1.7 trillion annually. 
We have a National Alzheimer’s Plan. It calls for major progress by 2025. That date is contingent upon sticking with the budget outlined. We are behind on that. 

I could be wrong, of course, but it seems like we are trying to save money on a few oil changes, knowing full well that we will have to replace the engine, at a later date. 

I read that some people got together and figured out that it may cost $20 billion to achieve real treatments and a cure. Keep in mind that the cost to the taxpayer last year was $225 to $250 billion dollars. 

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