the “lone soldier” mode 

Caregivers too often fall into “lone-soldier” mode thinking without even realizing it. Feeling responsible for a loved one, they assume the full burden, marching forward without regard to their own emotional needs. Eventual result: one badly wounded soldier who’s not much good to anyone.

Anytime I speak of this, folks could say: Well Jack, how do I get help? 

  1. no money to hire help
  2. I’m the only one she/he will let take care of him/her
  3. no family 
  4. no friends that are willing to help

This is exactly my point. Alzheimer’s, as a whole, is unlike any disease we have ever had. As a rule, their can be 2 to 6 years of taking care of a person that must be watched constantly. 

Someone has to help caregivers, either with managing other family into the role, or with some way to allow them to rest. 

Caregivers are now beginning to die early deaths because of a lack of sleep, a lack of food, a lack of medication they need or a myriad of other things. 

Folks that don’t know, need to.

No answers from me. I am passing on what I have been told hundreds of times. 

It’s about the caregivers Jack!  

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