Thursday, August 18th, 2016 recap 

My 5 miles today. It’s fun walking where I have not walked before. My map of America with the pins showing where I have been for alzheimer’s is gonna be an awesome memory one of these days. 

U.S.Highway 80 in Macon, Georgia

Included in that pace is stopping and talking with folks. I do not rush them. That’s why I’m out there. 

Took mom to a couple of places to shop. She enjoys shopping, but not me. (unless it’s for me) – lotsa laughs 

I’m feeling a little achy. 

It felt great being out their and it’s great when I really feel like I am making a difference. 

My grandson E. sent me a text. That was so cool. 

A man saw me jogging up a hill today and he pointed at me as he drove by and then gave me a thumbs up. 

I got to thinking today about how good it feels to wear my Road ID bracelet. My family appreciates it. 

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