the medication can be confusing 

A caregiver shared some information with me a few days ago. She said the care facility her mom resides in wants to make a change in the medication her mom uses. She looked it up using Google and found that it may temporarily help her mom but probably will shorten her life. As she understands it, it should alter her mom’s mood to the point that she will be allowed to remain at the facility. Her mom’s behavior contains some violence and a lot of wandering around. Her mom is extremely high maintenance and this medication could change that. 

I do not know much about this type situation and she admits she doesn’t either, but it does show they have a lot of information to ingest as their particular alzheimer’s journey progresses. 

I do know you can call 1.800.272.3900 Anytime and seek understanding from the professionals at the Alzheimer’s Association. 

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