dropped their bombs and went home

That is terminology I heard last night from a caregiver. This is her description. 

“I’ve been caregiving for mom, alone, for a little longer than 2 years. My only sibling, a sister, and her family reside approximately 200 miles away. They rarely visit. They have cared for mom for 2 days. When I returned from my 2 day rest they spent about an hour telling me I was a failure as a caregiver. My sister and her husband both joined in. I knew I was doing a good job, but it hurt anyway. Since then they continue to rarely call, and visit, and when they do, it’s mostly to question my ability to be a caregiver. 

The caregiver said during a recent call, her sisters husband started giving her the third degree. She said she stopped him dead in his tracks and told him to come get his mother in law, take her to their home, walk around in “caregivers” shoes for a few months, and then “we will sit and chat.”

She went on to tell me they are coming for a visit next week, and:

“If I see the bomb bay doors begin to open, I will have no problem showing them the door.”

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