Alzheimer’s Association Lifetime Achievement Award 

I was excited just thinking of having lunch, off campus, with Dr. Steve Barger Ph.D, so you can imagine my feelings when he invited me to a meeting of the research staff, as a whole, at UAMS. We headed to the building that houses the Reynolds Institute on Aging. We immediately ran into Dr. Sue Griffin Ph.D. 

Dr. Sue Griffin Ph.D  and two members of her staff.

I  found out she earned the “Khalid Igbal Lifetime Achievement Award” from the Alzheimer’s Association and it was presented to her at the Alzheimer’s Association National Conference this year in Toronto. 

Let me tell you, I was excited. She is a friend and has allowed me to rest at her home on a couple of occasions. Wow, did I want a picture of her and that award. She said I could take some and here they are. 

Who am I to be proud of her? I’m not sure, but I am so proud of my friend. Everyone is proud of her. Her leadership has been amazing, and continues to be. 

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