Alzheimer’s – a caregiver’s wife – 8/28/2016

I spent time today listening to a ladies experience as the wife of a caregiver. 

She said the biggest change she noticed was her husband’s health. She also was aware of his slide into depression and the accompanying moodiness.

The mother and son had a quiet relationship and in her opinion, they simply tolerated each other most of their lives. Her husband’s decline was hard to witness. She helped as much as possible.

As we talked, she seemed to be reliving some of the sadness associated with such a stressful time of life. She admitted never being very comfortable with her husband’s mom. 

I ask her if she felt the strained relationship made it harder on her husband. She was very adament about making sure I knew she is not an expert, but she said she believes the strain before the caregiving was needed may have made it almost unbearable, at times. 

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