why is Route 66 so meaningful for me?

Route 66 near Texola, Oklahoma

As a child my dad, mom, brother and I traveled on U.S.Highway 1 often. U.S. 1 was constructed during the same years as Route 66. The look and feel was the same. The service stations, the motels, and the sights and sounds were similar. 

Todd and Buzz rode around in grand style in a 1962 Corvette in the series Route 66. My family watched as these two worked at odd jobs and helped people. 

My family was a unit during those much simpler times. The memories are about good times that are no longer.

In 2013 more memories were made as I walked and jogged on Route 66. 

Yeah, part of my heart will always be out there somewhere. I left Route 66 yesterday and I ache from it. Part of life is good times.

Route 66 is important to me. The folks that built it, built some great memories. I appreciate every person and all of my wonderful memories. 

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