is the news about alzheimer’s confusing?

These are my thoughts as a hopeful man.

It feels like on a regular basis we read a headline that at first glance has the possibility of making us think scientists are on the verge of a major breakthrough. Here are a couple:

  1. New alzheimer’s treatment fully restores memory functions 
  2. Biogen predicts preventative drug for alzheimer’s disease 
  3. Alzheimer’s disease can be successfully treated with commonly used anti-inflammatory drug
  4. Blood pressure drugs may help alzheimer’s disease 
  5. Memory loss associated with alzheimer’s disease reversed for first time 

Being a layman that wishes alzheimer’s would go away, I see some of these and get over excited. Then I read in the body things I don’t understand. Things about mice, worms and limited trials that can’t be accepted, among other things. 

I like to think all of this means the scientific community may be getting closer. 

This post was to let folks know if you are just a bit confused as I am at times, you are not by yourself.

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