my health 

My last lung x-rays show heavy scarring from having pneumonia 4 times in the left lung. Since nobody has repaired my leaking heart valve, I imagine it still leaks. Chronic low iron has always been an issue since childhood. That can lead to depression. Most of the damage from being ran over at age 3 was on the left side. I have pain in that area if I pound to much. That’s why I jog and speedwalk. 

What amazes me is the advice from awesome doctors, therapists and friends. The advice amounts to “manage your resources” and listen to your body, but keep going. 

The most detailed advice I received was from Mark Lein. “Manage your resources Jack” – He also said “Live to fight another day” 

I am 65 years old and do very well, with the exception of one aspect of maintaining good health. I don’t eat as healthy as I once did. I need to make an attempt to change that. 

I get an aerobic workout in 5 to 7 times a week. I perform resistance excercise with light weights, and I stretch. 

“Manage your resources Jack”

I’m fighting off alzheimer’s disease! 

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