closed and boarded up

In 2013, I spent the night in a small motel in Wildorado, Texas. It was just what I needed. In 2015 I stayed overnight again. The owner was a really nice guy. This morning I didn’t need to stay there, but I found myself to be very excited about stopping and speaking with him once more. The grass was high, the parking lot unkempt and part of the building had burnt to the ground. Nobody there.

Later, in Vega, Texas I made up my mind to visit a restaurant there. It was owned by a lady who had played in the Blondes vs Brunettes football game in the past. I visited with her in 2013. The restaurant was closed and boarded up. 

Then in Tucumcari I saw another restaurant closed and boarded up. I didn’t stop there in 2013 or 2015, but I remember it being extremely busy. It looked like a place families would enjoy. 

Each time I felt sadness for a few minutes. 

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