tried to see Harley

He was not there. I had heard of him and his precious wife Annabelle before the 2013 trip. When I walked through here that year, I had trouble with my phone and it put me in a tailspin and I forget to go find them. She died in 2014 after a three and one half year battle with cancer. Here are some pictures of their place. 

This is a paragraph I found where Harley spoke about Facebook. 

This brings up something else. Facebook is cussed and discussed — often for good reasons — for years. But it served as a viable link to Harley and Annabelle and all of their fans and friends from across the globe during the long ordeal. Harley told me himself Annabelle’s health problems were “hell,” but I suspect all the well-wishes from hundreds of people made the last few years a bit more tolerable. The words of sympathy and support that flooded his Facebook page on Tuesday afternoon and evening reiterated that. (Ron Warnik wrote this paragraph shortly after Annabelle’s passing)

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