20 days into my road trip across America 

South of Gallup, New Mexico

I’ve seen 5 long distance bicyclist and 1 long distance walker. I started asking shop owners on Route 66 how many they see. The numbers surprise me. They tell me it’s several each week and that most are on bicycles. 

The memories that flood my consciousness are very satisfying. I’m on mostly the same road I jogged and walked in 2013. I must head home soon. I found what I was looking for out here. I can’t take it home with me, but I dearly wish I could

Mom is being well taken care of, and I miss her. 

Today I saw some beautiful deer, some prairie dogs and a llama. 

It rained today and I saw some awesome lightning to the northwest. 

I am a very grateful man. 

I raise awareness concerning alzheimer’s disease and money for the Alzheimer’s Association. 

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