Strolling around town once more

For several years she ran anywhere from 15 to 20 miles every week, and she says that it kept her fit. Then came the news, that she was pregnant. As time progressed she found it hard to find the motivation to go run. The baby came and it was a beautiful little boy. Her energy level was low and she knew what she needed to do, she needed to get some exercise. Her and her husband talked and thought about it a few days and finally went and purchased a jogging stroller. She loves it and she loves the activity. It’s not a race to her at all. It’s about putting her baby in the stroller and jogging and walking and even sitting on a bench, turning the stroller around so the baby faces her, and chatting with her new friend. She loves the stroller, and yes it is a BOB .

Anytime I see someone with a BOB stroller,I initiate a conversation. The conversations are always good.

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