doing what I am supposed to 

I have accepted the way my life plays out. I never know for certain why I may be doing something, or how I will go about it. At the beginning, I have what I call my plans or reasons. Those plans and reasons slowly melt away. I do know that I am not meant to sit. I did that a long time and it did not work well. By the time I finish with a venture though, things have went as they were meant to.

When I left mom’s on the 24th of August, I thought it may be to find peace, for a few hours, see some beautiful places once more and say goodbye to old friends. 

Now as the end of the trip nears, it made itself clear again. 

  1. I was meant to meet and learn from a young and fearless adventurer and maybe her from me. 
  2. I was meant to be in attendance at a very exciting, informative and breakthrough type meeting, with a large group of scientists. 
  3. It was meant for me to experience many hours of listening to a caregiver that is going through hell. It may be that this is the only caregiver I have spoken with that has experienced so much, so fast, with such devastation. 
  4. I was destined to speak with many caregivers that have a loved one in a senior care facility, but they continue to help on a short term basis. No more will I think that once a loved one is in a facility, that it all becomes easy. It does not! It opens up a host of problems. 

On this road trip I never really looked for peace. I didn’t visit the beautiful places I thought I would, and I didn’t visit much with old friends. 

I have accepted why all of this has come about. It’s because I asked for it in prayer a few years ago.

I have a lot to share and I will in my own way, and it is what I am supposed to be doing. 

I know that in reality I have few plans. Their are many things I am to do, but few are my doing. 

I continue to raise awareness concerning alzheimer’s disease and raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association. How, where and when I do it are in his plans. Remember my promise. 

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