about “Across Georgia”

This was an idea given to me several months ago by my friend in Northwest Georgia. (originally called around georgia) Their are 152 counties in Georgia. Each county has a county seat with a courthouse. Her idea was for me to park my car near the courthouse, remove the stroller from the trunk  and push it around the community, ending up back at the car. The signs on the car and the stroller give out the Alzheimer’s Association 24/7 Helpline phone number. The hope would be that thousands of people would see either the car or the stroller, and some both. Some may call the helpline number and get information that will help them and/or their patient. Awareness will be raised. If the opportunity arises, I have cards to give out with the helpline number on them. If the walk takes me near a radio station, senior care facility, newspaper office or other pertinent establishment, I may poke my head in to say hello. 
Their is no time limit for completion or frequency. Family is my first priority. 

I am doing this to help in the war with the disease that took my dad’s life, along with thousands of others. I am not doing it to complete a goal. 

I visited a few counties in the past. I should be able to resume soon. 


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