stroller, backpack or support car?

In the planning stages for my journey across America in 2013, I needed to commit to a method of keeping my gear with me at all times. I considered a backpack or a support vehicle. I fell back to my friend Google. The name “Paul Staso” appeared after the search. I navigated to his website and saw a picture of a beautiful machine. It was a BOB jogging stroller. Back to Google once more. REI was a few miles away, and they were a distributor. 

Angie introduced me to the man in the bike shop. The stroller was in stock and on display. I knew immediately this was the way I would solve my dilemma. I left REI with a new stroller. 

It’s a BOB Revolution SE Jogging Stroller. 

  • Weight – 25lbs
  • High strength aluminum alloy 
  • Coil springs and elastomy core shock absorber
  • Pneumatic tires
  • Tubes – schrader valves
  • Quick release axle with sealed cartridge bearings
  • High impact polymer composite spokes
  • Foot activated rear brake

In over 4000 miles I never encountered a problem with my stroller.

No regrets on my choice. 

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