the unofficial finish on the 2013 Epic Journey 

I left the motel after a hearty breakfast next door. Wilson and I were ready. I was excited. It would be a short leg today.

11.4 miles to the Pacific Ocean at Marina, California 

We had come over 2500 miles on foot and another 458 in a car. We struggled but remained focused on the mission. 

I walked most of those last 11.4 miles. I listened to my Ipod off and on. I remember a man on a bicycle stopped and we spoke of his alzheimer’s connection. I spoke on the phone with Andrea at the Alzheimer’s Association in Atlanta. 

I distinctively remember my Ipod battery failing me on the last mile. Ahh, that was tough. I love music. I stuck my earphones in my phone and listened to a song about “What do you run for?” over and over. I continually answered “for the Alzheimer’s Association”.

There was a gentle hill to climb near the end, and I spoke with my daughter as I climbed it. I crested the hill and there it was. The Pacific Ocean

I waded out a few feet and relaxed. I thought about many things during those moments. For a few minutes my thoughts were on my 5 friends that had passed away during this journey. Each one had encouraged me. I thought about caregivers I had met. I thought of my family and friends. 

It was approximately a quarter of mile back to my motel. This was a good day. I’m very grateful for all of the help I received and I am grateful for my life. 

This picture was taken at the Motel 6 in Marina, California after my unofficial finish.


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  1. Your perseverance is beautiful

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