what is raising awareness? 

To me it’s about sharing new information such as in the list below, but not limited to that list. My interest for raising awareness concerns alzheimer’s disease. I think that in order to say “awareness was raised”, something new would have been shared and heard. In any group the fact is that some people will not hear anything new and others in the same group may learn many new bits of information.  Anything we can do to limit duplicating information may save time. 

Alzheimer’s :

  • No cure
  • 6th leading cause of death in America
  • 1309 new diagnosis each day 
  • help is available 

Making folks aware of the the horrors of alzheimer’s may be vital if we expect real change. The information contained in a presentation designed to raise awareness, should be tailored to the position, in the fight, of whom an awareness raiser is speaking. 

A full time caregiver usually already knows about incontinence and violence problems that are associated with alzheimer’s disease. Speaking to them about such may not raise their awareness. A family member who has never spent a moment caregiving, would most likely show surprise when incontinence is mentioned, and may admit to having their awareness raised. 

I sense when I have raised awareness and when I have not. To sense this, I need a quiet soul and quiet surroundings. Also I need a baseline of the groups knowledge. 

I work to keep myself informed and I realize I fall short in doing my best at raising awareness. I am in the midst of improving my work. 

A huge piece of information I share, that I think raises awareness is the Alzheimer’s Association 24/7 Helpline. 

The hope is, as awareness is raised, society will respond accordingly. 

Awareness to the direction we should go to solve the problems associated with alzheimer’s should be raised also. 

Lots of homework involved in doing what I consider my best. 

I am giving this “awareness raising” all I have got. 

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