Alzheimer’s – he angrily said “it’s not the plaque and tangles”

In Boulder, Colorado in 2015, in the morning. 

I drove to a park unannounced. Started jogging on the trail there. I passed a man much older than I. Long hair, very nice clothes. I stopped. No introductions. He said he never comes there in the morning. He went on to say he didn’t know why broke routine. 

We had calm and quiet conversation for a few minutes. Then he saw the word alzheimer’s on the back of my shirt. 

He started speaking very fast and loud. He seemed angry. He told me to go tell them: “It’s not the plaque and tangles dammit. You go tell them.”

He said he needed to leave because he was tired. 

I have no idea. I mentioned this to a few folks later. They said Boulder is the home to some very intelligent people. 

I was supposed to be there, he was supposed to be there too. 

Lots of neuroscientists believe it is the plaques and tangles, but lots believe the plaques and tangles are a result. 

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