Alzheimer’s – where is grandpa?

There was a time when he would call and ask if I wanted to have breakfast at the Waffle House. I love their breakfast and being with him made it even better. Sometimes we would take walks afterwards. 

Those calls stopped one day. It took a couple of weeks for the lack of communication to register with me. I ask mom about it and she told me grandpa doesn’t drive anymore. She said he is forgetting his life. I did not understand what that meant.

The story above is a composite of stories told to me on several occasions. 

Many situations could have caused the same feelings for the little guy. Grandpa could have gotten sick, his car could have broke down, or a plethora of other occurences. With some of those problems I just mentioned, the chances may have been good to return to life as it was and we could see them at the Waffle House again.

 Alzheimer’s does not have a cure.

1,309 human beings are diagnosed with alzheimer’s in America each and every day. 

We need a cure. We need to be told as many prevention techniques as possible. 

The National Institute of Health needs more money. That will come from lawmakers. We, as the electorate, need to tell our representatives we need more resources earmarked for alzheimer’s research. 

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